7 Ways Playing Computer Games Can Make You a Perfect Writer


There’s a big stigma around computer games. Many parents believe that video games are harmful to their children, and that’s because they’ve experienced a different childhood in which computers and smartphones weren’t even a thing.

Nowadays, the young generation is exposed to technology faster than ever. Unfortunately, many children and adults become addicted to video games. That is one of the reasons why this biased belief that computer games are not beneficial in any way has appeared.

Nevertheless, computer games can teach you how to become a good writer in plentiful ways. In today’s post, I’m presenting 7 reasons why computer games can turn children and adults into excellent writers.

1. Games Force You to Become a Better Problem-Solver

Every time you play a game, you’re forced to make quick decisions. Every bad decision will bring negative consequences. When you go wrong, depending on the game you’re playing, you have to go again or you’re simply eliminated from the game.

Interestingly enough, that’s how writing (and life) works too. Whenever you write, your brain is constantly working to find quick solutions. When you make a bad decision, you’ll eventually have to go back and write again. If your final piece of work does not meet the expectations of a teacher or boss, consequences shall arise.

2. Video Games Improve Vocabulary

Video games are full of interesting words and concepts. Most games capture the player’s attention in such a way that every word they read gets absorbed. If unknown words arise, the players will often feel the need to find their meaning by searching through a dictionary.

There are many educational games whose purpose is mainly to improve their players’ vocabulary. It’s a matter of choice. If you play shooter games, unknown words won’t arise very often. However, RPG and MMORPG games provide a lot of quests and missions that will improve your vocabulary as you progress.

3. Online Games Develop Your Communication Skills


Video gamers who choose online multiplayer games get the chance to improve their communication skills in a quick and effective fashion. Multiplayer games force every single player to engage with other players in other to advance. Communication skills lead to writing skills, and vice-versa.

4. Computer Games Make You a Better Storyteller


Every modern computer game has a story. Passioned players tend to get absorbed by these stories, thus making them prone to become storytellers themselves. As you progress through the plot of each game that you play, there will be more and more stories that will “complete” the final story of the game.

These interesting experiences can show you the difference between mediocre and amazing storytelling while developing your interest to become a storyteller yourself.

5. Many Games Force You to Do Additional Research


I remember having to buy essay writing services every time I had procrastinated on my college assignments. As I have started playing video games (during university time), every single computer game I’ve played has forced me to work hard and do the necessary research in order to advance.

Many games won’t offer you every detail you’ll need in order to make progress. When that happens, the passion and ambition for that game will force you to seek answers by posting relevant questions on forums.

Of course, the researching process can vary depending on the problems you face. Nevertheless, every time you’re facing difficult problems, you’ll need to “get out there” and seek the answer by formulating questions. This indeed can be an excellent exercise to improve your writing abilities!

6. Computer Games Improve Creativity and Focus


The best way to be a better writer is to constantly improve your creativity and focus. Well, studies show that students who constantly play video games are indeed more creative and focused at school. After all, it’s quite obvious. When you’re engaged in something and there are risks of failure, you need to pull your whole attention in a certain direction.

That’s exactly how writing works. You can’t write a great piece of content without “going all in”. The more you write the more you exercise your creative flow but also your focus!

7. You Get to Correct Grammar and Spelling Mistakes as You Chat


As you play multiplayer games, you’ll often write sentences that contain grammar and spelling mistakes. Whenever you communicate with another player who is a better writer, you’ll observe that he or she has spelled some words differently. When that happens, you will immediately correct yourself. Posing as a good speaker in video games is often a great motivation to do the necessary correcting work!



The PROs and CONs of computer games are definitely debatable. If you overuse them, they will bring problems. If you treat them like a hobby, they’ll often show you how to become a good writer book. The key lies in the balance that you create between the personal, professional, and gaming life. If you perceive and treat games like relaxing and productive habits, the benefits shall quickly arise!

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BIO: Robert Everett is an independent freelancer and a video games enthusiast. His favorite video games are “MMORPGs”, which stands for “massively multiplayer online role-playing games”. His experience with games taught him many lessons like how to properly communicate with strangers and how to grow his English skills faster than most of the kids in school.


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