A Closer Look at the Future of the Mobile Gambling Industry


When we think about online gambling, we usually think about convenience. So, it would be normal to assume that mobile gaming would be a priority in the industry, but it hasn’t been for a long while.

A lot of online casinos still didn’t used to have a full mobile version of their sites, while others relied on a browser version to accommodate mobile players. However, things are advancing rapidly in the industry, and more casino operators are now understanding the true value of mobile play. This has brought with it a lot of innovation, and could help shape the future of online gambling. Let’s take a closer look at what the future of mobile gambling should look like, as well as a few changes we’ve seen recently.

What is Available Today?

Before we can delve into the future of mobile gambling, we have to look at what we have today. Mobile gambling has gone a long way, and there is a much greater emphasis put on mobile play and the ability to play on the go.

Still, we are seeing a large number of casinos that have web apps instead of native apps. Web apps are apps that allow players to play through most devices that can use Flash, Java and HTML. These apps will usually prompt the player to add it to their home page. An icon will then be copied to their home screen. These are not as bad as playing a mobile browser version of their regular casino, but not quite as good as native apps.

Native apps usually are better adapted to the player’s machine, and allow for more functionality. Browsing is usually also easier on apps than on mobile versions of casinos sites.

Then you have casinos that allow you to get the best of both worlds, like comeongames.com for instance. These will offer a seamless experience either by logging on directly on their site or through their dedicated app. These are great for those who might have outdated machines, but would still like to enjoy the games. Others just don’t like the hassle of downloading another piece of software or might be wary of security issues.

Security is Still a Weakness for Mobile Casino Apps

Speaking of security issues, it’s important to note that these are much more than just apprehension. Security is a real problem with native casino apps, and probably one of the reasons why they continue to be so rare. As a matter of fact, one Gartner study found that over 75% of all mobile apps would still fail basic security tests if they were subjected to them. This is very alarming when considering the very real risk of a data breach in the industry. The issue with mobile apps is that many developers will spend a lot more time concentrating on the app’s functionality than security, which then affects both.

Online Casinos Meet Wearable Technology

Wearable devices are the next frontier in mobile technology, and you have casinos who are already capitalizing on them. While Google Glass didn’t take off as expected, the Apple Watch was a resounding success and so were smart watches in general. These offer many possibilities that can be exploited by gaming apps and online casinos in general. For one, they allow for more notification possibilities, and allow players to place bets and check odds without having to pull out any device.

VR Casinos

VR casinos are also getting developed, and VR technology keeps evolving as well. Out of all new technologies, VR casinos seem to be the most promising. They would allow players to be teleported straight into their favorite casino in minutes, interact with other players and a virtual dealer. This does a lot to bring a human element to a sector that many accused of being impersonal. VR casinos could also become more prevalent as better headsets and functional smart glasses are developed and hit the mainstream.

As we can see, the future of mobile gambling is bright and should come with lots of surprises. We can expect technology to continue getting better, and more companies to answer players’ prayers by offering the best mobile experience possible.


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