A guide to change your marketing strategy during the global pandemic


We are all in the midst of an unprecedented situation that has forced us to change all our plans for the year. As a business owner, this situation affects you in more ways than one. unfortunately, there is no universal protocol that you can follow to run your business during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Be that as it may, this is not an end-all situation. It will eventually die down and you will get back in track in no time. But to survive until then, you need to work around the current situations. You need to treat this as an emergency situation and do your best to mitigate the risks it will put your business in.

Incorporating new technologies, considering different modes of deliveries of your services, seeking expert advice and taking immediate action will all help you with that. Be as flexible as possible when it comes to business operations so that you will be able to adapt a new system seamlessly. Waiting the situation out as a passive bystander will do you no good. Being proactive the key to success in these difficult times. Here are a few tips to change your marketing strategy to help you thrive in the current setting.

Remove unnecessary expenses

Your services may have lost some demand in the current market setting and the best chance for you to keep running is by shortening your expenses so that you still make a profit. For instance, if you are product-based business owner, using software like CMMS and other plant maintenance software will help cut cost in maintenance.

Marketing takes up a lot of cost for any business. Now is the time to reconsider if you need all the marketing tools you have invested in. Only keep the essential ones and slash the rest. Use this time to negotiate better pricing for marketing services. If you are someone who relies on outsourcing your business processes, try to bring some back home which will help you very much in cutting costs.

Change up your marketing strategy

Sure, the marketing methods you used before worked very well in the past setting when the market was thriving. But times have changed and it is also the time for you to change how your business strategy to suit the times. Invest in software and low-cost tools. Use the internet for maximum benefit. Promote your digital assets with full force. If you have some amazing content, then roll that out. Prioritize important tasks that will help you make revenue and back off from low priority tasks like intense marketing campaigns for the time being.

Take a customer-friendly approach

Keeping your customers in the loop about the changes will ensure that the trust between you and your customers will stay intact. A simple post or email to your customer is enough to show that your business is reliable. Times are tough for them too. They will understand. Besides, it will be a huge comfort for them to realize that you are still operational/taking measures to support them during the pandemic.

Take full advantage of social media to promote your business

Social media marketing has been booming in recent years. If you haven’t taken advantage of it so far or if you haven’t given enough attention to social media marketing, this is the perfect time to do so. Using platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook costs little to nothing but helps you reach a wider audience very quickly. Generating the perfect content for these platforms will help you a ton. Social media marketing is something you have to do regardless of the times.


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