A Guide to OSRS Mobile for New Players


Starting out your journey through Gielinor

Old School Runescape (aka OSRS, 2007scape) is what Jagex worked on before making the sequels. They never really stopped updating it even after the new game, and now it’s been running for two whole decades. Due to its immense popularity, it’s probably going to run a few decades more. Not to mention the game got a port for mobile devices. OSRS Mobile brought a new wave of interest to the game since it’s more accessible on phones and tablets. Farming OSRS GP on the go was only a dream a few years ago.

The mobile port may be young, but it was a breath of fresh air. Veterans can continue their farm and grind even away from their desktops. Friends can meet up for raids even without a PC. These little conveniences pushed the game’s popularity to new heights.

For all its simplistic graphics, the game offers so much content for free. What’s more, saving up OSRS gold for a bond is entirely doable, though could take a long time. At any rate, here is everything a newbie needs to know about OSRS and OSRS Mobile.

Tweak Your Options

Not only will you make playing more convenient, setting a few options can prolong your device’s battery life. That means you can play for longer before being tethered to a charger or stopping entirely. Things like opening battery saver, enabling ‘Tap to Drop’, and some other quality-of-life settings can ease your enjoyment of the game.

Take note that sometimes, the battery saver and the ‘allow background data’ settings can be mutually exclusive. You need the former for longer battery life. The latter lets you switch apps or lock the screen without being disconnected from the game. If your device allows both (somehow) that’s well and good. Otherwise, you have to pick one over the other.

Set a Goal

OSRS doesn’t exactly have an overarching ‘main quest’ players have to do. There are quest chains and quests related to each other, but there is no one big story to go through. Players, after leaving the tutorial island, have to find their way and purpose for playing the game.

You can choose to do all the quests you can, master all the skills, or collect every piece of equipment there is. It’s all up to you. Some opt to train for PvP, others want to explore Gielinor. Setting a goal to work through means that you have a direction, and you’re not aimlessly going around Lumbridge.

Don’t Rush, Take It Slow

There’s a weird trend going on MMOs lately. Players are rushing toward max level and the ‘endgame’ a little too fast. Although you might disagree, there’s nothing wrong with taking it slow and enjoying the journey. Sometimes, you even enjoy the destination even more. Besides, it will take a long time to reach your goal.

There are guides optimizing skilling for the fastest ways to max level, but even the best methods would take days. Considering that’s the ideal circumstances, reality says it would take maybe a week or so. Rushing things can be frustrating, and games are meant to be enjoyed.

Sure, some people might enjoy that kind of experience, but that’s not indicative of everybody. What this means for you is that you dictate your pace and how to enjoy the game.


Whether you’re playing it with your friends or are curious about the game, OSRS offers a lot to players. There are many OSRS items to be interested in, such as the super rare Twisted Bow. Other than its rarity, it has a different damage and accuracy calculation than other weapons. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most expensive weapons out there, so much that buying OSRS gold for sale becomes a tempting option. However, buying OSRS gold isn’t exactly the best option for getting an item.

At any rate, OSRS has become one of the classic MMOs everybody knows and has played at some point in their lives. Thanks to its dated graphics, you won’t even need an expensive PC or device to play it. The freedom it gives players just hit home for people, and it’s pretty accessible due to being free to play.

That said, enjoy your journey throughout Gielinor, and have fun playing Old School Runescape!


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