A new Xiaomi device has come up in the Certification process, Redmi model to be expected


As days are passing by we are coming closer to the Xiaomi official launch event on 27th July. Its already leaked that the Redmi Pro will be an announcement in the event, we even got to see some leaked images of the said phone. Well now another interesting phone has come up while being certified for quality by the Chinese governing body.


The information that was made public says  that the smartphone will be coming with a 5V / 2A charger. We can guess by that the battery is going be big and it may belong to the Redmi family. Further information released puts some light on the connectivity features of the smartphone and it is said it will come with an entire new form of network support.

We already discussed that the Xiaomi Redmi Pro is coming on the 27th July event for sure, so may be this is a different variant of Redmi Pro. Also we had rumours that Redmi Note 4 was going to be launched, may be this it is that. Right now speculations are are high and rumours and spreading like wild fire, but until further information we can’t say for sure. Stay tuned to get more info about this mysterious smartphone.


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