Actual ways of earning at Indian online casinos


Many people in India are interested in affordable and uncomplicated ways to make money. Quite often, users come across articles with ways to make money that mention making money from online games. Undoubtedly, this is the most famous way of uncomplicated earnings. However, many people doubt the validity of this method because it has many directions. Some players pump accounts in the games and sell them, some are engaged in the trade of game currency, and others are attracted to online casinos. Slot machines online are the most popular genre of games. Even if a user has never tried to play an online casino, he even heard about it. People are trying to make money on slots, and some of them succeed. Experienced users who have been playing at online casinos for a long time say that there is no ordinary luck, but it all depends on the strategy chosen by the user. As a rule, such players give helpful tips to those who are just starting to play, and these tips are undoubtedly beneficial in one way or another.

How to start playing at online casinos?

Numerous people are interested in this question. Each beginner wants to start playing and winning as soon as possible, but it is best to listen to the advice of professional players, as this will not allow you to waste money in the game.

  • You need to study the rules carefully on the site at the Genesis Casino Review so as not to make the most primitive mistakes.
  • To start the game, you need to create an account on the site. It will take no more than ten minutes but will expand the user’s capabilities, giving him the game’s classic mode. Registration on Genesis casino includes filling in particular fields with real and correct data. Within a while, a letter will come to the specified e-mail address with a link to go to get access to a personal account.
  • Next, it is necessary to study in detail everything related to online casinos. On the Internet, very many videos and articles relevant to this topic include tips on developing your strategy when playing the game at the machine.
  • Start playing with the accessible test mode to test the chosen method and assess its advantages and disadvantages without spending a penny.
  • After these steps, the user becomes easier to play Genesis slot machines for free or for money and get from this a lot of fun and profit.

How to learn how to win? 

Note that each slot has a description with parameters, one of which is the payout ratio. It exceeds at least 94% in today’s popular slots and sometimes goes up to 98%. It means that the slot is programmed to return the specified percentage of investment, and programmers know precisely the size of this parameter. This fact suggests that the program is prescribed entirely unambiguous, the dependence of the money invested and the payoff is undeniable. So the only way to beat online casinos – know the algorithm, the system of the slot. It is clear that the formula is a secret of the developers, and to unravel it is the primary task of a professional player.

Study the slot

To start choosing a game in a casino online for free without registration. Use the maximum number of demo games and focus your choice on the rate of return. Playing in the demo, you need not just observe the beautiful fall-out combinations, and try to derive dependence, to understand: how often the winnings fall out, what combinations fall out most often, under what conditions most often fall out certain combinations.

Playing for money 

Make a small first bet. Play for small money and watch how the slot behaves; the algorithm should not change. Keep a close eye on how you invested and what you got. If the machine gives well, you can start playing at full strength. Luck is always present in the game, but you need to rely on accurate calculation and common sense. And this means that, if you win a lot, take away the money, do not hope for more. If you are not lucky, stop gambling and do not play beyond your limit.

How to win professionally 

A professional gambler chooses the best site, determines the slot. Then for days and sometimes weeks, to study the algorithm of the machine. Disappointed and changes the slot, and so on until he finds the author’s method on his studied golden slot, which cuts the bills and the casino as an honest partner is forced to pay; otherwise, it will simply cease to exist. A professional gambler is bold and intelligent, hardworking and calculating.

All about Genesis casino and how to win there, you can learn at the link.

Big winnings in Indian casinos

Almost all players who visit casinos are guided by the same desire – to win as much money as possible. And if there were no vivid examples of this, then, naturally, all hope would be lost. But as soon as there are reports in the media or on TV that a citizen of some country has won a crazy amount of money at a casino, the thought occurs to almost everyone in their mind that perhaps they can win, too.

History counts several Indian players who have managed to break the hundreds of thousands of dollars. But to take that kind of game motivation as a benchmark, at the very least, is very risky.

And if you prefer to play in the casino for free and without registration, it’s your choice. After all, in this case, you certainly can not win anything but agree to the same extent insured against loss. So you need to set your priorities before starting any game.


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