Advantages of having phone plan in Singapore


In our world today mobile phones are a basic need. You can keep in touch with anyone regardless of your location. Making calls and accessing the internet are the major functions of the phone. These services require you to purchase data and airtime from service providers. A mobile plan is a way of managing your calls and internet access for a month. You choose a certain plan to set the amount of minutes you can talk and the data you want to use in a month. Here are the advantages of having a phone plan in Singapore.

High minutes and data limit

You will enjoy a set number of data and minutes throughout the month depending on the type of plan chosen. You will have the benefit of calling and texting at a set amount instead of paying variable rates per month. This will help you in the budget-making process as you will not have to spend more on the phone than you can afford.

Discounts availability

Mobile plans are compatible with all types of mobile phones. If you choose a plan along with your mobile phone you will get some discount. Buying a mobile phone from an outlet you will get the benefit of purchasing a mobile plan at a lower price. In case you purchase a phone without a plan, it will cost more money.

Unlimited internet access

There are phone plans that offer unlimited data access. You can enjoy watching videos and browsing the web at all times. Most of the mobile plans have limited GBs but you can control the usage to fit the whole month.

Keep track of your usage

You will have no more complaints of stolen minutes of data. With a mobile plan, you can get the details of your usage. It will help you understand how much you have spent so far and how much is left for the month. It will help you manage your phone usage.

Fixed rates

Having a mobile plan, you will not experience expensive phone calls. Different service providers charge different rates per minute. They charge a certain amount per minute. If you call for a long time, the more money you will pay. The mobile plan offers an option of minutes per month rather than charges per call. You can talk as much as you want within the given number of minutes in your mobile plan.

Easy contact

Imagine having an emergency but you cannot call or text just because you have no airtime. A phone plan offers you a chance to remain connected to other people either through the internet or by calling. You don’t need to worry about data and the time you want to access the internet. You can make calls or text through the month at any time or place.

Family connection

There are mobile plans for families. The plan will include your family members only to make calls and access the internet throughout the month. This means you can talk to your loved ones once at any time. With life becoming busy, you can always talk to kids at schools and colleges or home at any time. There will be no reason for not talking to your family for the whole month.

Cut cost in the business

The business world has turned digital today. Most of the employees have to access the internet or call to reach customers or attend meetings. If you have a mobile plan for your business, you will never lose contact with your customers and prospects. You can make follow-up calls and take time to listen to customers. In such a business platform, you can spend a lot of money on calls and the internet if you don’t have a mobile plan. The mobile plan will help you manage and account for your phone budget.


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