AirPods – a MustHave for any music lover!


AirPods have revolutionized the mobile headset industry. Wireless headphones, which are capable of providing unrivalled sound quality as well as holding a charge for a long time, have gained popularity among their users. A distinguishing feature of wireless headphones is their portability. AirPods are placed in a small case that serves both as a container and a power bank. However, constant use of the accessory leads to its natural wear and tear.

Where do you usually carry your Airpods? Most likely, in a bag or a narrow pocket together with other stuff like keys and coins. It is not surprising that sooner or later you will see scratches or even cracks on your favourite device.

What you can do to protect your Airpods.

The original Airpods are rather expensive, so every lucky owner of this fascinating device would love it to last as long as possible. The best way to protect your Airpods and extend their life is to use protective cases, which will significantly increase the security of your AirPods. Besides, a variety of designs and materials used for their manufacturing will give individuality and style to your accessory.

Most popular protective cases for Airpods.

Silicone cases.

Silicone is a widely used material for manufacturing AirPods protective cases. It is one of the most durable materials resistant to scratches or cracks on its elastic surface. Silicone Cases are very thin and fit tightly to the container that creates perfect protection from any dust or humidity, thus they can be used even in cold and wet areas. They preserve AirPods during falls or damages even when carried in a bag full of things. As a rule, AirPods Silicone Cases have a pleasant soft-touch coating, thanks to which they do not slip out of your hands; and if they get dirty, you can easily clean them. The variety of colours and designs allows you to choose a protective Silicone Case which best suits your taste and preference.

Plastic Cases

Plastic is a durable shockproof material that can protect your AirPods from various damages even when dropped. Plastic Cases fit easily into the case and tightly cover the Airpods charger case to protect it from dust and moisture, scratches, scuffs and dirt. Also, plastic remains in its original state for a long time.

Leather Cases

If you need a case for AirPods and you are looking for elegant and individual design, then Leather Cases are a great choice! They have a sophisticated design and many advantages, for example, a precise bottom cut-out for the lightning port and the connect button. Thus, you do not need to remove it while charging. With Leather Cases, your AirPods are always safe. You don’t need to worry about scratches, dirt, bumps or other possible damage during daily use. Leather cases are made of premium genuine leather in different colours to choose from. This means they do not only look gorgeous but also feel great in hands.

Whatever case you decide to purchase for your Airpods, the main thing remains unchangeable: their purpose is to keep your device safe.


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