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What a time to be alive! Did you ever thought about asking you vacuum to clean your house? No? Then be prepare because technology on home appliances took that step. Alfawise did it, now on Gearbest you can find one of their latest products, the Alfawise X5, an autonomous vacuum cleaner that can be connected to Amazon’s Alexa.


We can not say that the appearance of this Alfawise X5 has given us a good impression. In fact, at first glance it gives the sensation of being a delicate device that could be broken in a short time. In any case, it must be said that the use will show you that the quality of your design is good. At the top of the robot vacuum cleaner and below the tempered glass, you will find a LCD screen with information about the operations that are running and three buttons.

On the sides there are some details that include functionality for the device. Finally, the cleaning brushes are located in the lower area, which will do the job of collecting the dirt. The materials, although almost always limited to plastic, are of quality. In the box you will find: the X%, a remote controll, one water tank, the dust bin, two microfiber mop, two side brush, a power adapter, the dock station, a magnetic strip, a Cleaning Brush and the user manual.


The most outstanding feature of this Alfawise X5 is the suction power, which is 1000 Pa. The number is quite large and, not in vain, means that we will clean more efficiently than other devices of the same type. It is not the only remarkable feature: it can operate at maximum power for about an hour, in addition to making a maximum noise of 60 dB.

The robot vacuum cleaner Alfawise X5 includes four cleaning modes, including wet cleaning and central cleaning in some areas. The others are very similar to those we have seen in other electronic products. Of course, it has anti-collision and anti-fall systems.


One of its key features is that the X5 apart from vacuum and swipe comes with an integrated mop, that make the last touch to your floor, leaving shiny finish to the process. Detach the water tank, fill it with clean water, attach it again, put the mop and let the Alfawise do its job.


And, in the event that the device runs out of battery (which contains a power of 2600 mAh), the device itself goes to the charging base automatically. The recharge of the battery is a process that takes approximately 2.5 hours.


We already said in a previous post that the market for robot vacuum cleaners had been a bit stagnant. At least, that’s the feeling he gave us. Although it is clear that we were confused. Thanks to the Alfawise X5, the vacuum cleaner that we have recently analyzed, we have been able to verify that the technologies that are integrated in these devices continue to evolve. And it is a device that fulfills its cleaning function even better than some alternatives.

The extra mile comes with the wireless tech included, you can program the shores via Smartphone App, the included remote control or its newer feature, Alexa.


Automation and the IoT is now accessible for everyone and now Gearbest brings the Alfawise X5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner at rock bottom price of $179.99 USD using AlFWX5 as coupon code at check out. This is the lowest price your will find on internet because is a special collab between both enterprises, so, hurry up ’cause is a time limited offer.



  1. I am strongly suggest NOT to buy Alfawise X5 robotic vacuum cleaner. I lost the money, it worked only two (2) times and electronically failed, Bad product! Wasted money! Stay away from piece of garbage!

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