Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite Review: The Best Xiaomi Smartwatch For Sport


Xiaomi is one of the most important brands in the world. Its lines of smartwatches are the most sold and desired at the moment. That is why the new Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite offers great functions for most athletes in the house, in addition to being one of the ones that best adapts to you both for its characteristics and for its exterior. Let’s meet him.

If you order the watch, you will be welcomed first by a standard dark box with a picture of the watch or the Amazfit logo. Its strap is more vivid orange-red, and the titanium alloy bezel is also very obvious with a matt color.

Due to the use of a color reflective screen, without backlight, with the help of ambient light, you can also clearly see the content displayed on the dial of the Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite, and it is also easy to distinguish between different colors.


Various exquisite dials can also be displayed natively on it and under bright light can also ensure a clear display effect, which is more suitable for outdoor use.

The titanium alloy bezel has a matt texture after treatment. Compared with the traditional stainless steel dial, it is lighter and stronger at the same time, and it is also more excellent in corrosion resistance.

In addition, the Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite also uses a sapphire mirror, a sapphire glass of 9 Mohs, which hardness is more anti-slip and wear-resistant and can withstand long-term use. Whether it is titanium alloy or sapphire, its properties are more excellent, and the processing technology is also more complicated, which is a symbol of advanced.

The back of the dial is still a very familiar layout, with PPG sensors and four charging metal contacts. The words 5 ATM indicate that Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite supports waterproofing above 50 meters depth in water. So no need to worry if you wear it when you do swimming.

The physical buttons on the watch, in addition to the two common dot buttons, this watch features a set of up and down buttons that facilitate the control of the watch is wet scenes such as swimming.

The strap of Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite supports quick release, and the own strap is also very good. The material of fluoro rubber makes its strap more smooth, durable, and skin-friendly. The raised anti-slip bands on the inside design make the watch more secure to wear, and at the same time it is not too “hands-on”.

The magnetic charging base of Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite can automatically attach to the bottom. The design of the groove ensures that the two can be firmly combined in the charging state, and will not easily slip and loosen, which will affect the charging progress.

Second, the user experience: Up to 80 kinds of sports modes for up to 14 days of battery life

Compared with previous experiences, the user experience of the Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite is slightly different.

1: The new version of Amazfit APP

The most obvious difference comes from the upgraded Amazfit APP. The main color changes from white to black. The page design of the homepage no longer simply displays data, but multi-dimensional card labels around exercise volume, heart rate, calories, etc. The upgraded Amazfit APP goes further in the direction of sports and fitness, whether it is the processing of various data display sequences or the expression of specific values, it has done better.

The new APP interface design is more intuitive and easy to compare multi-dimensional data

The data displayed on the home page has a total of 28 items related to personal sports and all aspects of the body

2: Professional sports mode

A simple trial of the sports mode function of Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite, as many as 80 sports modes, will bring its professional performance in sports to the fullest. Due to the lack of conditions, we can only choose one of them to experience this time. Let’s take a look at the positioning accuracy and data records of this watch in sports mode.

The 80 sports modes that have been installed

This watch has a built-in low-power Sony GNSS chip and supports four different satellite systems includes GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo. It means Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite has good speed and accuracy regardless of whether it is star search or positioning.

According to your preferences, you can choose the right combination of location services in the settings

Star search speed is also very fast in actual use

The actual experience is also true. Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite not only records the overall trajectory of the movement. But also perfectly reproduces the small path changes during the movement. Any small movements made during the exercise are all Can’t escape its record.

Not only recorded the details of the overall path movement route is also captured

And the movement is not only about looking at the path, but more importantly, what is the effect of the movement. Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite combines its fast PPG heart rate sensor and powerful algorithm, which not only can record your heart rate during exercise. But also can determine what fitness state you are in at this time, fat burning, cardiopulmonary strengthening, endurance strengthening … Such clear information will make you no longer confused during fitness and better judge whether you should pressurize or reduce the burden.

During sports, you can view the sports data at the bottom of the watch and directly write the current sport’s status for reference.

After finishing the exercise, Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite will generate a report on this exercise. You can view the results directly on the watch without using a mobile phone. View the evaluation parameters such as track, distance, pace, heart rate interval, and even fitness effect and recovery time. The level of detail is not weaker than the APP.

Sports records can be viewed directly from the watch

You can also view the data on the big screen of the sports record from the APP, which is more intuitive

3:Health monitoring with extra points

In addition, Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite supports sleep monitoring, which is quite accurate in recording the time of falling asleep and waking up and provides additional content such as sleep score, sleep duration composition, quality analysis, etc.

The level of understanding has increased a lot. In particular, this function of comparing similar users, directly comparing your data with users in the same region and age group, is more helpful for discovering your own lack of sleep quality.

After daily heart rate monitoring is turned on, this watch can realize automatic heart rate monitoring throughout the day. When an abnormal heart rate occurs, it will automatically prompt and record, allowing you to find heart problems early.

4: Battery life up to 2 weeks

In terms of battery life, the Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite under the dual-core dual-system blessing performed well. Wear it for one day in smart mode, turn on the heart rate automatic monitoring and sleep monitoring functions, there are 2 to 3 times of GPS movement records inserted in the middle, and the power consumption is only about 13%. It means this watch should be around 7 and a half days, which coincides with the 7 days endurance in the officially promoted smart mode.

After switching to the more power-saving Ultra mode, the battery life will be doubled, theoretically up to 14 days. Of course, there are fewer sports modes supported in Ultra mode, and the display effect of the screen is also different. But NFC, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, and other functions are retained. When charging is not convenient. So Ultra mode is a good choice.

Even for the power killer of smart sports watches-GPS, Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite has been optimized accordingly. After all, as a professional sports smartwatch, outdoor sports such as mountaineering and cross-country will inevitably require a long time to turn on GPS. So the endurance of GPS continuous work is also very important.

Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite supports 3 GPS modes, ranging from precision to balance to power saving mode, and the battery life varies from 35 hours to 70 hours. If you want to record your exercise path in detail, you can choose the mode according to your estimated exercise duration.

In addition to professional sports health functions, the mobile and convenient functions as smart sports watches are also a lot on Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite. It supports NFC function, Alipay offline payment, independent music playback, and even can use the Himalayan FM application. The dial can also be replaced by itself. In addition to sports health, it can also play a large role in life.

NFC function to pay the bus and subway


Overall, the introduction of new materials in Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite has brought the texture of the entire watch to another level. The titanium alloy and sapphire mirror make this watch lighter and stronger. Although its design has not changed a lot, due to the unique luster of the new material. The face value of this watch has also been significantly improved.


At the same time, the most fascinating thing is still its full professionalism in the field of smart sportswear. Regarding the characteristic sports modes, I am glad to see that the 80 sports modes that Huami once promised are now fully installed.

The supporting GPS positioning, heart rate monitoring and corresponding algorithms, and even excellent battery life are the highlights of this watch at the beginning of its release. The elite version still maintains the previous high level and does not disappoint.

In addition to professional sports, Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite has no regrets. NFC functions, Alipay payment, music playback, and other familiar watches lightly use it a lot. Obviously, it is not a partial student, it is only exceptionally outstanding in sports health, and other aspects are not weak.

In short, the Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite is still a product that focuses on sports and fitness assistance. 80 professional sports modes, as well as supporting hardware and algorithms, are the highlights you cannot ignore. This time with titanium alloy and sapphire lens blessing, so that its durability and texture have reached a new level. If you love sports and fitness every day, then Amazfit Stratos 3 Elite should not be missed.

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