Amazing Devices That Will Improve How You Use Your Smartphone


Smartphones are constantly evolving as manufacturers add more advanced features to enhance their performance. They have a vast range of functions with features like GPS, high-definition cameras, and so many more. They have become so comprehensive that many things people once used several devices to get done can all be done using only a single smartphone. However, there are still some aspects of smartphones that can be enhanced. There are many small devices and accessories that work alongside smartphones to improve their capabilities. Here are some of these amazing devices.

1. Portable Chargers

One essential device that every smartphone user must have is a portable charger, also known as a power bank. Everyone has gone through the experience of running out of battery in a critical situation and not being able to use their smartphone. No matter what your battery life is, at some point you’ll be outside the house with your phone on low battery looking for a way to charge it. Portable chargers are a lifesaver in these instances, letting you charge your phone without a wall outlet. They are especially convenient for people always on the run or for when you’re traveling. There are all kinds of portable chargers on the market for different smartphone types and with many different features. Look around online, and you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that suits your needs.

2. Camera Lens Attachments

These days, you don’t need a professional camera to take high-quality pictures. Most smartphones have great cameras for everyday picture taking. However, if you want to take it to the next level and create professional-looking photos, you’ll need to get some camera lens attachments. They are like the ones on a professional camera, except they are installed on your smartphone’s camera. If you want photos that look like they were taken by a professional photographer, these lenses are a great place to start before you spring for a camera that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Another great device for photography is a mobile photo printer, which will allow you to print physical copies of your creative snaps.

3. Bluetooth Earbuds

Sure, any old pair of headphones can be great for listening to music, videos, or taking calls. However, we are in the era of going wireless! Aren’t you tired of untangling your headphone wires while you’re out and about? Bluetooth earbuds are now all the rage. And while many people worry that their ears are too small for earbuds, there are plenty of options on the market for everyone. The “Avantree TWS110 Super Mini True Wireless Headphones” is one of the top 10 best wireless earbuds for small ears. They contain a microphone, easily connect to smartphones, and have a great design. There are also plenty of other choices to consider depending on your exact needs. It’s worth investing in a pair to spare yourself the hassle of wired headphones.

4. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Another great device for smartphone users is a portable Bluetooth speaker. Even though most smartphones have decent speakers, sometimes you’re in a setting where the sound just isn’t clear enough. That’s when these portable Bluetooth speakers come in handy with great features like long battery life, water and dust resistance, and 360-degree sound with bass. They are perfect for road trips and adventures when you want to blast music with your friends.

5. Gaming Controller

Are you a passionate gamer? You don’t have to be separated from your favorite game if you’re not at home with your gaming console. You also don’t have to settle for the games available on the app store that are played directly on the touch screen. There are games for smartphones that you can play with a gaming controller. They are usually connected by Bluetooth, so you can easily play anywhere. These are great during long trips and offer a new way to use your smartphone.

6. Smartwatches

Smartwatches have taken over the tech scene over the past few years and for good reason since they are multi-purpose and enhance the experience of using a smartphone. They are ideal for people on the go and can make it much easier to manage notifications, answer calls, and use voice assistants. Their main purpose is to enable you to manage things on your phone or receive information from it without having to actually use the phone itself. They are also useful for fitness and medical purposes and can help encourage users to stay healthy. In fact, these watches can even save lives because they can take real-time ECGs and detect heart attacks.

7. Gimbals

Gimbals are portable pivoting support devices that allow you to rotate an object on a single axis. In the past, they were typically used to allow a digital camera to rotate smoothly while recording video, but they are now often used with smartphones. They allow you to take extremely steady videos as if you’re filming with an actual camera. These are perfect for vloggers who film on the move since gimbals are easy to carry around.

8. Micro SD Card or Flash Drive

If you purchase some of the great camera accessories mentioned above, will your smartphone have enough storage space to handle all the photos you’ll be taking? Most smartphones’ storage space doesn’t quite accommodate people’s behavior when it comes to downloaded content and media usage. That’s why purchasing a micro SD card or a USB OTG flash drive will help you get the most out of your smartphone and create and save as much content as you want. OTG flash drives have the same function as a portable hard drive connected to a computer.

There you have it! These amazing devices will take your user experience to a whole new level. Owning them will allow you to use your smartphone in new ways in addition to improving its existing features. Just make sure to do plenty of research before purchasing any of these devices, so you can find ones that match your smartphone as well as your specific needs. Once you have even a couple of these devices, you won’t be able to imagine how your smartphone could ever function without them!


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