Android 9.0 ‘Pistachio Ice Cream’: Re-Design With Respect to “Notch”


Google is supposed to revise its mobile operating system Android so that it can be better used on smartphones that come along like Apple’s iPhone X with a lip or “notch” at the top of the screen. In addition, Android P should also bring improvements in some other areas.

As the US economic service Bloomberg reports citing persons who are familiar with Google’s plans, the company wants to respond to the next major version of Android to changes in the design of current smartphones. Among other things, more consideration should be given to the requirements of devices with unusual displays.

So you will supposedly better adapt the interface to devices whose display has a cutout for cameras and other sensors at the top. After Apple with the iPhone X and previously founded by Android co-inventor Andy Rubin company Essential made the beginning, come in the next few months more and more devices with “Notch” on the market.

In addition to the “Notch” displays, which will play a role in the Huawei P20 and the ASUS ZenFone 5 series, Android “P” should also run better on smartphones with otherwise special form factors. Specifically, there is the talk of customization for multi-display devices such as the ZTE Axon M and models with foldable screens.

Even otherwise, Google wants to set benchmarks for everyone in the design of its software. Especially through the design of Android, you want to be able to compete so much better in the tough competition with Apple and his iOS running iPhones. How far the changes are to go is still unclear, but the Bloomberg report speaks of a “dramatic redesign”.

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Internally Android “P” is currently the way, by the way, the code name “Pistachio Ice Cream” wear, with which the developers continue the tradition of missing the operating system the name of a candy. Whether “Pistachio Ice Cream” will ultimately be the official nickname of Android “9.0”, is currently not sure, after all, Google is usually the name just before the commercial release known.

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