Android P Will Not Background Apps from Secretly Accessing the Camera


Android P is the upcoming version of Android. It is rumored to debut as Android Pineapple or Android 9.0 Pistachio Ice Cream. Google is going to showcase the Android P at the upcoming I/O 2018 event in May this year. It is expected to arrive with several new changes like it will allow carriers to hide the signal strength and developers will not have access to undocumented and hidden APIs. Rumors have also revealed that it has been designed for multiple and foldable screens. Fresh information suggests that Android P will not allow background apps from secretly accessing the camera of the phone.

Android P Background Apps Do Not Access Camera

The new change will ensure that rogue apps that working in the background do not access the camera when the screen is off. Each Android app that will be installed on phones running on Android P will carry a unique ID called UID (User ID). As long as the app remains on the device, it will carry the same ID. If the camera service on Android P phones detect the UID is idle, it will close the access to camera app by generating an error.

It is one of the most desired features that was in works in several years. There are many malicious apps that can secretly access the camera of the user without his/her consent and capture images and videos. The security improvement arriving on the camera service will make sure that background apps do not access the camera.

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