AOMEI Backupper Review – Best Free Backup Software to Ensure Data Security


The Backupper from AOMEI enjoys an excellent reputation online as a freeware version due to its extensive functions and fast performance. The professional edition, which is subject to a fee, expands the solid scope with features that are as sensible as they are useful. This is reflected both in small things – the standard version does not support event-based backups – and in large extensions such as the settings for different backup schemes and the option of cloning entire systems (disk cloning software) and tools onto a hard drive. The table below shows the important features included in the free and pro versions of AOMEI Backupper:

function AOMEI Backupper Standard AOMEI Backupper Professional
Backup & Restore

Automatic backup plan

Exclude files from backup

Encrypt backups


Merge backup images

Clone system/tool ​​to hard drive

Differences between the Standard and Professional editions.

AOMEI Backupper Professional provides users with all the essential features they need to create customized backups. With incremental or differential backups, regular backups never take up more space than they need. Users also exclude unimportant files from the backup from the outset. With the option of merging the backup from different backups, AOMEI Backupper Pro also provides a feature that only a few comparable programs provide. Compared to other Backup Software we only miss the integration of a separate cloud data medium.

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Standard Version

In the freely available standard version, the program allows system backups and, if necessary, a restore. This is useful software for private use to protect against data loss. It is well known that regular backups should be carried out on every system, regardless of whether it contains important company data or just family photos. In the event of a loss, both are different degrees of damage (financial or emotional). A backup is made in a few clicks:

In the home menu, users not only create new backups in the quick start function but also keep an overview of all their created data backups. The design, with its blue tones and comic-style graphics, looks a bit old-fashioned, but it doesn’t interfere with an operation because all the menus are always very clearly laid out. This also applies to the submenus. A positive example of this is the design when selecting backup schemes. The program not only explains the methods with texts but also with supporting graphics. This way, even beginners will immediately understand what the differences are and which backup option to choose.

There is another function named sync. This function can help users to synchronize functions. Users can choose the synchronization time according to their own needs, and can choose to synchronize every day, every month, etc. Protect your data.

An animated graphic gives information about the described process even to a layperson. A backup alone is of little use if the system is destroyed. We also need bootable media so that the backup can be restored. The software gives us two alternatives:

In addition to Linux, there is also a Windows PE system that can be copied to a USB stick. With the necessary UEFI or BIOS setting, the computer can be booted even after the crash.


In the AMOEI Backupper Professional was convinced with a very good backup speed on the drive. The writing process is fast for the drive, averaging 5.89 GB per second given a compression ratio of 30.4%. However, this is also reflected in the use of system resources. In our case, the backup software loads the CPU of our test computer with an average of 80% of its total performance. The backup software doesn’t show anything unusual when it comes to the occupancy of the data storage medium.

Professional version

Once you have had your first success with the software, you will want more! This is exactly what the professional version offers. In addition to the previously mentioned scheme settings, there are also:

  • System clones

you can clone a running system to other media. This is particularly practical if you want to transfer the beloved operating system with all settings directly to the laptop. The Pro version also runs on two devices at the same time, which is why you don’t even need an additional license for the Backupper.

  • Folder synchronization

Interesting when several employees are working on a project and you need the current data. Now runs automatically in the background.

  • PXE Boot Tool

This allows systems to be cloned to many devices via the LAN network – perfect for admins.

Except for the server support, the backup software offers all kinds of nice tools that make backups even easier. There are really no more excuses for not making regular backups. If you also administer Windows servers, there is of course also a server version of the software.


In order to guarantee that newcomers can easily get started with the functionality of backup software, a clear and easy-to-understand user interface is the be-all and end-all. At the same time, all important functions should be available so that users can adapt backups to their individual needs. This balance between simple operation and a wide range of setting options is an indicator of the quality of a program. To anticipate: the AOMEI Backupper Professional masters this balancing act skillfully.

Help & Support

Users who are looking for help with the functions and usage of the AOMEI Backupper can primarily get this from the extensive instructions that can be found on the manufacturer’s homepage. The FAQ list is manageable but provides basic information on general questions about all of the manufacturer’s products. Personal concerns, such as technical difficulties, are clarified by users either by contacting support directly via email. Alternatively, there is a forum where users can find known problems or search for answers for individual information together with other users and admins. Unfortunately, the forum is only available in English. For the – quite self-explanatory – backup software for your drive, the scope of the service offered should usually be completely sufficient. However, if you actually need help with rare problems, you should be able to speak English.


I personally find the tool quite useful. I am currently using it to back up my two systems (laptop and PC) to an external hard drive. The layout is super user-friendly and offers enough contextual help where needed. In the last presented Partition Assistant from AOMEI, I criticized the bad German translation, the point is not relevant here. You can tell that this software is designed for end customers. The only annoying thing is the rather small window. The many functions often have to be scrolled unnecessarily. Apparently, this is a compromise for the smallest screen resolution.


AOMEI Backupper is a solid solution for Windows device backup. Thanks to the free version, you can also get started without any costs. The software has a user-friendly interface, with just a few clicks you can create a backup without knowing much. There are plenty of additional options for the professional. The backup strategy can thus be completely automated. The software also offers a lot of tools that administrators need for professional use.


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