AOMEI MBackupper Review – Make iPhone Backup to Keep Data Safe


Backup photos, music, videos, contacts, and messages from your iPhone or iPad to your PC with the free backup program “AOMEI MBackupper“. The backup tool for Windows works with all iOS devices and is very easy to use. Once you have connected your Apple device to the computer, select the data you want to back up such as music, movies, and photos. The storage location on the PC can also be freely selected. If you also want to back up your contacts, you must first turn off synchronization with Apple’s iCloud – but that’s the only hurdle. Practical: The transfer not only works from the iPhone or iPad to the PC but also vice versa. In this way, you can use the “AOMEI MBackupper” to equip your iPhone with new music or films for on the go – without iTunes, AOMEI mBackupper is free, user-friendly software that helps you back up your iPhone or iPad quickly, efficiently, and securely.

AOMEI mBackupper: Multi-Functional iOS Backup Software

AOMEI mBackupper helps you browse, add, delete and back up your iPhone and iPad content on the Windows platform. But what makes it unique is its speed, ease of use, flexibility, and lots of useful features.

According to the company’s statement and our experience, mBackupper works differently fast. Backing up our test device with 90 images took just 2.3 seconds.

  • All the essentials about your iPhone

For starters, the software can manage all your photos and videos, from Camera Roll to Photo Stream. It also takes care of all your contacts with details, important announcements, schedules and text message conversations with the same care. Furthermore, all music purchased and downloaded from the iTunes library is also safe here.

  • Selective backup and restore

The best part is that you can choose specific files to backup and restore. Simply select or deselect the appropriate files or albums you want to backup or restore.

  • Smart backup

The most loved component in mBackupper is that it doesn’t back up all the time. It intelligently detects and backs up new data and changes to old data. Effectively save both time and storage space on your Windows PC.

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Why use AOMEI mBackupper

There are four reasons for the answer:

  • Data Protection

mBackupper puts your data in its own layer of protection, so even if your device is accidentally erased or lost, you can get it back and restore it all in a flash.

  • Switch From Old to New

Whether you upgrade your device or switch to a new iCloud device, the software can ensure a hassle-free safe transfer.

  • Free up Space

When you frequently encounter a ‘Storage full’ message, mBackupper can help you. Because backup and selective retrieval make managing iPhone and iPad storage a breeze. If your device is often full, please refer to the article  Delete downloaded Podcasts to free up iPhone space.

  • Security, Stability, and Experience

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of data security, the company has received many technology patents. And according to them, they do not save or interfere with our data.

They also claim a 99% success rate while testing the software thousands of times in different environments.

How to Backup iPhone or iPad with AOMEI mBackupper

You can backup all or select as many files as you want, here’s how.

First, connect your iPhone or iPad to your Windows PC via a USB cable and launch mBackupper.

Next, click Backup Photos (lists all folders of photos) or Custom Backups (all photos, videos, music, contacts, and folders are selected by default).

Then select the folders or files you want to back up.

Then, click Backup Path from the bottom left corner to select a backup storage location and select Start Backup.

For more details, you can refer to the user manual that comes with the software or visit the How To section on the official website for simpler step-by-step instructions.

Everything from setup to backups is super simple and easy to manage even if you’re not a pro. Most importantly, unlike iTunes or iCloud backups, you can choose what you want to restore or not.

Thanks to this smart feature of AOMEI mBackupper, you can use the software as a storage medium. While all is well, it would be better if the combined software supported documents, downloads… This would further simplify and streamline all the hassles associated with backing-up iPhones and iPad.

AOMEI MBackupper can also be run in the free version, but with limited functionality. The full version of Chip has no limit on the number of files transferred or the number of duplicate photos found. This version also offers features for transferring content between iPhones or unlimited data synchronization with a computer.


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