ASUS New Phone Mito: Double Notch, 5G Chip, 10GB Running Memory


Recently, foreign media brought design drawings about the next-generation new Phone of ASUS. This ASUS new Phone is equipped with a double bangs design screen and a rear three-shot color value for Huawei and the iPhone. Is the author still looking good? It must be said that the screen designed by notch is a design method that everyone likes very much, from Notch to the design of the water drop screen. The new notch is designed to increase the new screen ratio of the new phone. But that Asus said that the screen of notch designed by ASUS’s new machine was squandered by many netizens, and notch was too ugly. Most netizens fans can’t accept it.

The design in the parameters of the exposure shows that the front part of the screen of this ASUS new machine is matched with the double notch design. It is obvious that the notch are much more, it seems that the screen ratio of the machine is reduced a little. The front screen of this ASUS new phone is matched with a 6.01 inch AMOLED touch screen design. The phone is also equipped with a 2160X3840 pixel to achieve a 4K screen and a 19:9 aspect ratio. The double bangs design has a double water drop design. The screen seems a bit awkward.

The phone is that the performance of high-pixel shooting is strong. It is said that the front lens of this ASUS new phone has a bangs lens design of 24MP (f2.2) + 16MP (f2.2) pixels. The phone also supports HDR self-photographing and face automatic beauty, and also supports 1080P video capture and recording. It is said that the ASUS new phone’s rear lens pixel reaches 24MP (f1.7 main lens) + 16MP (f2.4 wide-angle lens) + 8MP (f2.2 far-lens lens) pixel matching new phone, support 3X times Optical zoom technology and OIS optical image stabilization technology support PDAF phase focusing technology, and can be seen in both focus and anti-shake technology.

With the screen fingerprint recognition technology, this ASUS new phone can be comprehensively improved in fingerprint recognition, and will occupy a dominant position in the future flagship mobile phone field. The design before this complete bar has changed a lot.

The glass material is undoubtedly matched with wireless charging technology. Then the possibility of this machine with wireless charging technology is very high, and the appearance of this ASUS new phone looks like Huawei and iPhone, which is the design they never imagined. For a mobile phone manufacturer that produces computers with such a high-end design, it is simply a rhythm.

The performance of Asus’s new phone is matched with the top processor, and the processor is equipped with the latest processor of Snapdragon 855. This ASUS new machine also has 5G chip blessing. In running memory, it looks at 6GB, 8GB, 10GB a storage and 128GB, 256GB, 512GB large space.

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The appearance and performance of this ASUS new phone are very popular flagship phones. The design of this ASUS new phone does not know if you like it? If this ASUS new phone is listed, Do you think that the starting price of this ASUS new phone is more suitable?

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