Attention Parents: Reasons to Monitor Your Child’s Internet Usage


With the advent of every innovation, our world is changing and is becoming more inclusive and connected. Since the commercialization of the internet, a greater journey has started in order to pave new paths for science and technology and to ease up human life. From education to fitness, every industry has benefitted from the blessing that the internet is.

While the internet is a good addition to our lives at most times, it can have a negative and dangerous impact on people. This is particularly very true for your kids. As such, you ought to screen your child’s internet usage consistently. This does not imply that you should invade their privacy; it is just a means to protect them from the dangers of the outside world.

The need to monitor their internet usage does not mean that you cannot confide in your kids. All it means is that you cannot place your trust in individuals on the opposite side of the gadgets.

The following are some top reasons you should monitor your child’s internet usage:

1. Teach Them about Malware and Viruses

The dangers of the internet do not limit to bullying or harassment, it is also a platform that spreads viruses and malware in your system. Most times, kids do not understand the aftermath of downloading a corrupted file onto their phones or PCs and so it is your responsibility to educate them about this subject.

Some malware can be cleared out with ease, however, there are malware scams too. Somebody will hold a PC hostage, requesting cash for the cleanup. Children can succumb to this and wind up in more peril with the people since they give over bank info without talking to guardians first. You should really want to monitor the online activities of your kids so you can protect them against malware.

Your first and foremost task is to connect with an internet provider that ensures your data security – this way you can always know that your child’s information does not get handed to predators. Some ISPs also include complimentary cybersecurity features with their internet plans for maximum protection; the security suite offered by Spectrum and Cox bundles makes sure that your identity and information remains safe, at all times.

2. Ensure Protection against Online Predators

One of the major reasons to monitor the internet utilization of your child is to keep them safe from online predators. These online predators are relentless and uncontrolled. It is harder for them to get found out (albeit certainly feasible) and many individuals would not even acknowledge that they are being exploited until it is too late. All things considered, anyone can be an online predator as the internet gives the liberty to assume whatever identity one wants to assume.

A lot of adults act like kids of the same age to develop a rapport. They will make sure to talk in a way that will lure kids into meeting with them in person. They might also push kids into sexting with them or even threaten them to pay money. You should monitor the web utilization of your child to pay special attention to the signs to find out if somebody is not who they say they are.

3. Ensure Protection against Cyberbullying

Quite a long time ago, a kid could get back home from school and would be safe from the bullies. The house was the place of refuge. A room was that region where a child could be who they needed to be. That is not the case any longer.

Cyberbullying is wild. Bullies have now moved to online mediums to reach out to their victims in a more subtle way. They do everything while maintaining their anonymity, so it is harder for the victim to discuss it with anyone. At times, it very well may be done secretly, for example, through platforms like Twitter. You need to screen your kid’s web utilization to search for any indications of cyberbullying and assist with securing them on the off chance that it occurs.

4. Learn about Identity Theft

Just as malware and viruses, identity theft is turning into a significant issue with the ascent of innovation. This can interface with malware, as it is workable for individuals to add keylogger malware with authentic downloads so they can follow every one of the keystrokes individuals make. It is more straightforward to take passwords, get bank subtleties, thus substantially more dangerous too.

Your child may not comprehend the real essence of the web. They would not understand that an alleged YouTube video was really a trick to introduce malware to hack into an online media account. Kids might not fundamentally understand that the attachment from the ‘bank’ is really a phishing trick to get personal details. What’s more, that Nigerian prince scam can be amazingly powerful. Monitoring internet usage assists with getting the snares before your child falls into them.

5. Shield Their Reputation

Let us not fail to remember that the internet is a spot for children to be themselves and for anybody to act naturally. Your child can have a space to share their most extravagant fantasies, put their writing in a public space for feedback, and even make recordings for YouTube to show excellent hacks. It can likewise be a space where photographs and recordings are taken out of context or utilized for pernicious reasons.

You being vigilant will help defend your child’s reputation. You will get Facebook announcements that could hurt the odds of finding a new line of work or a tweet that could prompt a slander suit. It is additionally more straightforward to discover compromising photographs that could prompt issues quickly and even in the future.

At the point when you screen your child’s web utilization, you are accomplishing more than just sneaking around. This is a method for shielding them from others and from harming their own possibilities later on.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to your kids and their internet usage, you want to be as proactive as possible. By monitoring their activities, you can help them avoid some common dangers of the internet. As seen in this article, there are many dangers lurking on the internet. By monitoring your child’s online activities while they are using their device, you can help them stay safe and avoid some common dangers.

Internet monitoring software can be used to keep an eye on what your child is doing online. It is important to remember not to restrict their access too much, though. As long as you keep an open dialogue with them about the dangers of the internet, they will likely listen and stay safe.


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