Attop A10 a RC Quadcopter for beginners at $27.41


Hey guys today we have an interesting gadget for you the Attop A10  a brand new quadcopter that features headless mode, multiple speed modes, one key takeoff and land, and flip mode. To buy this quadcopter you can click here.


The Attop A10 uses geared motors which gives it the lifting power that it needs but at the expense of some speed. It is actually quite a large quadcopter at 15.75 inches and weighing in at 390g. The design of this quadcopter is very nice as for the asking price. It comes in green/black and orange/black and the canopy of the  quadcopter has a nice arrowhead shape.



The quadcopter comes with an 800mAh battery which gives you 5-7 minutes of flight and you’re also able to remove it if you have spare batteries allowing you for more flight time.



Talking about the transmitter that comes with the Attop A10 is your average transmitter in black color. It also comes with very well labeled controls which is something that every remote should have compulsorily. The control sticks have sharp edges on the top that help your thumbs to grip and you can also pinch the control sticks if that’s your style of flight.

Other features include headless mode, one key takeoff/land, flip mode, and multiple speed modes. I’m not quite sure how the landing/takeoff button will function since it doesn’t have altitude hold but I guess time will tell how it works. If you’re looking for a good low priced quadcopter with decent size with a nice set of features then Attop A10 is for you. It’s a great looking quadcopters and I think best in it’s price range with the same features.


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