AZDOME DAB211 Review, A 1440p Dashcam With Built-in GPS


Have you ever ended watching Youtube Dashcams videos? Yes, me too. So people use this cameras to catch amazing and sometimes terrifying traffic events? No and yes. In some countries the use of dash-cams is mandatory, in other countries Insurance Companies require the use of this type of cameras in order to provide insurance to your car, in other countries people this devices to avoid insurance fraud committed by pedestrians against the vehicle owners. In general, having a camera in your car is a great advantage and today in iGeekPhone, we have one od the most advanced devices out there, the AZDOME DAB211, lets check it:


The Azdome DAB211 has an interesting design, made from black abs plastic, its small form factor is easy to hide, also next to the camera sensor there are some grill that helps to cool down the system. From behind your have access to the 2″ cristal clear screen, below it you can find all the buttons need it to manage the software. In one side an miniHDMI port and microSD card slot are available and in the other side you will find the microSD port (for data and power source) and the on/off button, also there’s a hole for the microphone.

In the box you will find everything but the microSD Card: the DAB211, a pair of bases (both can be used on windshield or dashboard), a pair of USB to microUSB cables (one for power source and the short one is suitable for data transfer), lighter power adapter (this is a nice touch from Azdome), a bag with a tool and some hooks, user manual in english.


The Azdome DAB211 DashCam is powered by an Amberella A12A55 SoC, the system capture images using
an OmniVision 150° sensor OV4689, which is rated as a 4-megapixel sensor that can record high definition (HD) video at 90 frames per second (fps), 1080p HD at 120 fps, and binned 720p HD at 180 fps. The sensor’s high frame rates enable crisp, clean image and video capture of fast moving objects.

The camera part tilt for better image and don’t worry, you can monitor your recording in the built-in 2.3″ LCD screen. The memory space is not an issue, you can use up to use a microSD memory card upto 128gb. Next to that slot there’s a mini HDMI port, you can connect the camera directly to your tv or external monitor. Also sports a very sensitive internal microphone. In order to complete extra task before the vehicule goes off, this gizmo has an internal battery.


In order to write about Azdome DAB211 performance we have prepared a video with the unboxing and review of some of its features.

The Azdome DAB211 has three features that we think are the most useful.

ADAS System
This feature is the most importan, is like AI, the dashcam gives you notification when you are too close to other vehicles, if there’s low light conditions. We still don’t know how but it can detect objects in front of your car, how fast they move and how fast you move, we are really impressed. If you think the sound notifications are annoying you can deactivate them.


There’s two versions of the DAB211, one with GPS and other without it. We reccomend to get the one with the GPS antenna. This option provide other feature, since the goblal positioning system gives you speed tracking you can set an alarm or speed limit, once you reach the speed record it triggers a sound notification. Also you can record your journey, in this case you need to donwload a program to your computer and link it with your dashcam.

Collision sensor (Parked and driving), also known as G-Sensor.
For security, this is one the most important feature among the ones that Azdome offer in its device, the G-Sensor will lock the video file en case of collition, the record can’t be erased or over-writen, this is the case if you are driving but if the car is parked, the G-Sensor will wake up the camera to start recording a video in case your car is hit while park. We tested and it really works.


The Azdome DAB211 is one of the most advanced dashcam out there, we only have good experiences with this camera. If you are looking for a dashcam with solid features this gizmo is for you. By the moment the brand has a special offer in all the products on Amazon, this camera is $99.99 USD with a discount of $20.00 if you use the code 9FQFIYYM at checkout. And don’t forget to check Azdome Deals for the Cyber Monday Week Event.

Visit Azdome website if you want to buy or check more details about the product.


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