Baisiqi 42505-2C Electric Two Slot Racing Car Overdrive Starter Kit Review With Coupon


The Baisiqi 42505-2C is an remote controlled car set, its DIY type so comes with number of track pieces with different types of tracks and turns. In recent years the Tech industry has taken the burden of entertaining us, The gadget industry has always been developing new ways and techniques to entertain its huge consumer base, but with the advent of Semi conductor electronics that has been integrated in many of consumer electronic toys. Baisiqi 42505-2C is a fun set of cars for children to play with.

The Baisiqi 42505-2C consists of some famous car models like the lambo or carerra. They are 1/43 scale models of the actual super cars and mind you these may be small but can move extremely fast. Its an electronic slot racing set, so the cars have particular slots on the tracks. The maximum length of the track that can be formed with the provided track pieces is about 480cm.

There is no need of charging or batteries for the cars to run, all you need to is put them directly into an AC slot and connect them to the car docks using the given cable. The road pieces consist of straight, curved, over the top and 360 degree inverse loop, cross section pieces so you can use your creativity inorder to how best you can use them to form a track for you racing adventure. Form a loop or form a drag race track and start the unlimited enjoyment.

The Baisiqi 42505-2C is a unique thrilling piece of toy that involves highspeed racing and chasing each other. The kids nowadays are more and more into these toys and are also smart enough to use their creativity to form different unique tracks. You can purchase this at TomTop and using our coupon code: LQPGDRCA get it for a special of $49.99 only.

Grab the ultimate fun kit and get on with your thrilling races!


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