Baofeng Mojing S1 Virtual Reality Headset With Remote Control.


So we are back with today’s best VR pick , this time it is a futuristic looking VR Headset from Baofeng. The Baofeng Mojing S1 is 3D VR headset that is capable of being your own personal theatre as claims the company.

One look at the VR headset gives you a feeling of a device seemingly form a futuristic sci-fi movie. The VR headset comes in White colour. It has curved design mimicking the curved theatre screen and has a layer of soft cushion for ultra comfort fitting for any user. You have a pupilary distance adjustment on the side and phone safety button at the top.

If you look at the design below you can see a great amount of attention is given for each and every section. It is meticulously designed to incorporate all functionalities and adjustments like the inter pupilary distance adjustment or be it the 0 – 600 dioptre myopia adjustment. Moreover you get a Remote Control to use while wearing the VR.

Baofeng Mojing S1 can fit in comfortably any smartphone with screen size ranging from 4.7″ to 5.7″ ,which almost covers 98% of smartphones out there, it has ultrawide 110º FOV. The VR Headset is modestly priced at $69 and you can purchase it here.


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