Basic Steps to Help Increase Win Rate in Valorant


Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter game focused on tactics and strategy. It was released in 2020 and involves moving up the 8 different ranks in the game.

There’s one thing though, seeing that the game is relatively new, not many people know how to play the game well. The intense nature of the game requires superb hand-to-eye combination as a lot of things will be happening so fast you’ll need speed and agility to react.

Win rates are important to go up the ranks in valorant as well as truly enjoy the game and that is why improving your win rate is important.

But how do you improve your win rate as a newbie? Here are basic things to do that can make you a better valorant player:


  • Study How the Different Weapons Work


Despite all the tactics and strategies in the game, it still relies heavily on shooting and accuracy. To get better with your weapons you need to understand their spray pattern and recoil.

These things enable you to use the weapons better as you’ll know the trajectory of bullets from each gun and how it recoils.

Practice with varieties of weapons including long-range rifles and shorter-range weapons to broaden your knowledge of several weapons.


  • Watch the Best Players


When it comes to video games, one of the fastest ways to learn gameplay and tactics is from watching pro players. 

Spend time watching pro players play the game, watch how they navigate, tactics they use, how they approach enemy lines, and use weapons. All these are vital things you can learn from watching better players.

You can watch them on YouTube, Twitch, and several other channels where gamers congregate.


  • Diversity is Important in Your Team


Your team needs to comprise players with different skills. Because of the nature of the game, you’ll meet different kinds of enemies which may require different skill sets to overcome. If members of your team only know a particular skill, you’ll be short when you need to apply other tactics to overpower your enemies.

You and your team should at least know the basics of all the roles like agents, duelists, and sentinels.


  • Study the Different Agents


Valorant has a total of 10 different agents in the game. These agents have varying levels of skills and damage levels with each weapon. Knowing who these agents are, what their skills are, and how much damage they can cause with each weapon will help you tremendously.

This will take a reasonable chunk of your time but would be worth it in the end as you’ll be better equipped to handle enemy attacks if you know what those agents can do.

It will also help you better deploy your team members.


  • Warm Up Before Games


Valorant can be intense from the very first minute and jumping right in without any warm-up can cost you a lot at the initial stage. Your body and mind would not be up to speed with the intensity of the game.

Instead of going straight to game mode, warm up first by trying out your weapons. Warm up will not only prepare your mind for the intensity to come but will also act as practice which will help your aim and shooting in the long run.


  • Learn Various Rotating and Flanking Strategies


When in-game, there are two things you’ll do quite frequently if you must eliminate a good number of enemy teams; rotating and flanking.

While flanking is when a defender sneaks up behind an attacker to execute a surprising attack, rotating on the other hand is slightly more complex.

It comes into play when an attacking team tries to quickly readjust their position to attack from a less guarded position. Rotating is also when a defending team reacts to the attacking team’s change in position to block out any attack.

These two activities happen so frequently in-game that you will need a variety of tactics to beat your enemy and defeat them.

Practice a lot of rotating and flanking strategies so you can keep switching between them in-game.


Learning these tips will make you a better valorant player, increase your win rate, and in turn will shoot you up the ranks faster.

You can also access a list of cheats and tricks from that can make the game easier for you to play.


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