BAYANGTOYS X21 An RC Quadcopter With GPS, 1080p FPV on SALE ! ($20 Off Coupon)


Hey guys, its time for “this week’s drone pick” , in the limelight is the new BAYANGTOYS X21 RC Quadcopter with some awe inspiring features like GPS, 1080p FPV and much more, further more let me tell you that this RC Quadcopter is on sale and it is available for a discounted price when you use our coupon, read on to get the coupon.


Now the BAYANGTOYS X21 RC Quadcopter has amazing finish to it. The gadget comes in all black color with four rotor and a sturdy body giving you stronger wind resistance, strong stability and making easier to be controlled., it measures about  29 x 29 x 22cm and weights just about 637g. As you can see from the measurements its not very big but its also not a small drone. Further you get 2 permanent stands long and strong enough to take care of crash landings, so you don’t have worry about your drone. Below the rotors you can see there are LEDs fitted for night flights and well who doesn’t want LEDs.


The  BAYANGTOYS X21 RC Quadcopter has some beef to provide, it comes with 4 brushless motors giving you some torque and hefty performance. Further you get 6 axis Gyro, 2.4Ghz transmission and 4CH. The drone comes a GPS making the navigation a breeze and features like circle around a point etc. Further the drone has an HD camera that can transmit 1080p videos over WiFi for great FPV. The Remote control distance is about 400-450m and the FPV distance is whopping 250-300m which is way more than any drone in its category. The drone is powered by a battery of 11.1V 2200mAh lipo (battery included). On full charge you can squeeze out upto 16-18min of flight time, it charges to full in 210min. The remote control has an lcd panel for info display and lots of sophisticated controls for you to handle your drone the way you want.


The BAYANGTOYS X21 RC Quadcopter is topnotch offering from the brand with all the essentials of drone packaged in an aerodynamic ABS body with crash protection. It is going strong in sales and is available at for $219 but by using our exclusive coupon : HTYBYRC you can get it for just $199.99, thats a massive $20 discount right there, so hurry before stocks deplete.

Update on Aug. 7 : $10 off coupon code: HTY10BYX21  at BAYANGTOYS X21 RC Quadcopter  at $183.99.


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