Best 5 Educational Software for Tablets In 2021


In this age of technology, it feels like a new app is created every day. Learning has taken a whole new turn because students can now use any online app on their tablet for assistance.

A tablet or iPad might not seem like the top choice to download an app for educational purposes, but you’ll find that these tablets are versatile enough to accommodate any learning app. Not only is a tablet or iPad portable, but they also have strong battery lives.

“Stress is an adversity of learning; and as good teachers, we should be able to combine work and play in a way that guarantees only maximum productivity will be inspired from our students, because even while in the classroom, they need a break,” advised one of the writers on As parents, you can find an educational software app for your tablet, iPad, or Android that is great for tutoring your child. Education should be made fun, and there is an app to meet the needs of every student.

Here are the five best educational software for tablets, Android, and iPad. Each of these apps is great for any student to have on their tablet devices and provide all the academic assistance they need.

Khan Academy

This is one of the biggest digital educational apps. This means it is loaded with different learning resources available for download.

It was created to make quality education attainable to people across the world. At Khan Academy, you will find answers to almost any academic question you have. To make learning easier, courses are divided into sections, and as a visual learner, you can watch live videos for better understanding.

Khan Academy is free and accessible on any device. The app is not only for students. As teachers, you can use Khan Academy to brush up on your knowledge before going into the classroom. It offers courses in subjects like math, chemistry, psychology, economics, and so on. These courses are not only taught in English, which is great for non-English speakers.

You can download this app on the apple store or play store, and if you don’t want to use it directly from the app, you can use a web browser for access.


This app is excellent if you are looking to get certification in a particular course. They team up with top universities to offer online courses to students all over the world. On edX, you meet with lecturers and ask questions during live classes. At the end of your course, you get honor certificates if you choose, but for a price.

These certificates are entirely worth it because they are recognized anywhere globally and look great on resumes. Learning is interactive because you are given assignments that you have to submit for grading.

It doesn’t interfere with your schedule as videos are pre-recorded so that you can watch them at your own pace.

edX was founded by Harvard and MIT and had since its inception helped thousands of students gain knowledge and experience in their chosen courses. This forum can be accessed on google play using your android tablets or on AppStore using iOS devices. edX has its inbuilt video player for easy playback, and videos are available on the site 24/7.

Although most courses on this platform are free, some require you to be a paying student before sitting for examinations or taking tests.


If you are looking to learn a new language, then this is one of the best apps. Millions of people have signed up to use this platform, and there is a reason it made this list.

Firstly, Duolingo has invested in making its user interface friendly and comfortable for users. It employs a reliable method of teaching where they introduce knowledge in a bite-sized manner. You earn daily points by logging into the app to learn new words, and there are language games that users can play to stay inspired. Training is personalized, so you can do all these at your own pace.

To help users better grasp the concept of the language they have chosen to learn, Duolingo has included a voice feature to help you read and pronounce words. Hearing sentences out loud can help you understand better.


This is a game app that can be used by people of all ages. It can be used in the office, classroom, or even at home. It allows you to create and share learning games or trivia within a few minutes.

When creating a game on this app, you can add pictures, videos, or any type of drawing to make it more suitable. This game is best played in groups, making it more enjoyable and interactive, even at work.

After creating your desired game or trivia, you share it with the people you want to play with. To join your game group, they need a unique pin that only you can provide.

While questions are displayed on a shared screen, each player can choose an answer on their device screen. Teachers can also use this software in the classroom to inspire interaction amongst the students.

Although Kahoot is a game, it can help motivate creative ideas in pupils and impact knowledge simultaneously. Asides from English, this app is also available in a host of other languages.


While this may be one of the biggest digital entertainment tools in the world, it is also a great digital library containing thousands of resources for students to learn.

From hearing first-hand news to learning math, English, writing, programming, or culinary skills, YouTube is the perfect space for at-home learning. It is so easy to go on this app, click the search button and browse through the thousands of free tutorial videos ready for your use.

This app will find teachers who offer daily Livestream sessions on different academic topics to pre-recorded video sessions and educational experiments. You can also find several ideas for family or group DIY projects and other fun activities.

You can connect to this platform on the web through Google or download the app for free.


Learning can be made fun, and with these apps, this is guaranteed. These apps have ways of breaking down hard, complicated topics into simpler subsections that make them easier to assimilate. Their easy accessibility is another example of the general components they all possess. Based on these features, with these apps at your fingertips, productivity is assured.


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