Best 5 Writing Apps for College Students 


Writing is one of such communication tool that is essential for you in your academic and professional career. Teachers spend a lot of effort to make their students learn how to master this skill and the one who succeeds always get good grades.

Technologies have benefitted us in many ways. They help us draft the documents digitally, sharing it and get feedback within no time. At the same time, they also help humans in minimizing the chances of error, improving the written documents, perfecting them by giving you more sound options and replacement and thus increasing the chances of approval.

There are such websites and apps that can help you improve your written work, assignments, projects and presentation.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly supports students and writing professionals in correcting their documents grammatically, suggesting the accurate options, and checking the document for plagiarism. According to Grammarly survey, 70% of the students who use this software reported that they are now more confident in their writing skills, 99% have presented the fact that their grades have been improved due to submitting the error-free documents. A lot of top essay writing sites use this tool to make their documents look good. Probably, that’s the reason why such a paper writing service as EssayPro has 90% of its writer’s rating 4.9+.

  1. ProWriting Aid

Pro Writing is also a very helpful tool for students. It provides writing support for students, researches, educationists, and people preparing official documents. The providers of this service claim that it not only corrects but builds your skills and abilities. It will help you check your grammar and spelling along with making suggestions on writing styles. Therefore you can get immediate feedback on your work. The best thing is that it offers a free trial with all the features for a specific time.

  1. Google Docs

Google Docs has become a favorite one among students because it’s free and online. You do not need to install any software. Get benefits out of it as it is a popular tool among college students who cannot afford a subscription fee. It can edit your document online and if you have a Grammarly Chrome installed, it will give suggestions for your google documents as well. So you can get two-fold benefits. It will count words and characters for you so that you do not exceed the limit. You and your assignment partner can both edit this document if it is shared. You do not have to save your document in your flash drive. Just explore it anywhere you want and start editing.

  1. Evernote

Not just organizing your assignments, schedule, and brainstorming notes in Evernote. It is ever helpful for students in their writing. It helps them jot down their ideas, editing their document perfectly, formatting and titling. The more you explore it,  the more you will enjoy using it. Also, it offers a special discounted package for students.

  1. Edit minion

Edit minion is a free online tool for students. Here they can copy and paste the text. The application will instantly analyze the document and find mistakes. A complete report on errors helps you to eliminate them.


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