Best Fitness Apps And Tools To Help You Lose Weight


If you’re a health-conscious person or trying to lose some weight, keeping track of your exercise, diet, and daily activity is essential. Statistics like how many calories you’ve put in, how many you’ve burnt, heart rate, and daily steps will help you make better health decisions. Therefore, making a fitness app an essential part of your fitness journey arsenal.

Fitness apps are downloadable mobile programs that help you keep track of your health lifestyle. They can connect to other heath devices you may have, as well as provide features like barcode scanners that tell you the nutritional compositions of meals. Which helps you stay motivated and on target to achieve your weight loss goals.

This piece will look at some of the best fitness apps and tools you can use to help you lose weight. So keep reading to learn more.

1. Fitbit

Fitbit is a free-to-download app with free workouts, strength-training programs, meditation music, and diet plans. It has a free and paid version that includes more advanced workout plans and other features to help you lose weight even faster. In addition, it also comes with a smartwatch that you can pair with the app to make keeping track of your workout data even more efficient.

2. Video Games

Nothing beats a good training session, or does it? Recent research conducted by Betway discovered that an intense gaming session on a game like Fortnite, Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto elevated the user’s heart rate to as high as 119 beats per minute, with an average of 89 BPM recorded over a 90 minutes gaming session on Fortnite.

That’s as good as talking a walk in the park for an hour and a half – and while we don’t suggest you stay indoors all the time, it’s worth reconsidering the kinds of games you play. A little bit of competition and excitement will help you burn more calories as well.

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3. Lose It

As this app’s name suggests, losing weight is its main priority. Lose It is a free-to-download app with a free and paid plans that will help you count calories and keep track of your weight. The app also allows you to devise a diet plan depending on your age, weight, and health objectives. This app is one of the best to help you with your weight goals.

4. WW

WW is a fitness app that’s different. Unlike other fitness apps, its weight-loss system is predicated on a point system that allows you to have anything you want. You take an assessment test that personalizes a food plan based on your preferences and health goals. In addition, WW also connects you to other people with similar goals as you.

5. Noom

Noom is an app that focuses on weight-loss education and influencing users on behavioral diet changes. It rates food by assigning a color to it and lets you know why certain foods are better than others. So if you’re concerned about what you put into your body and how it affects your weight, use Noom to help you make better food choices.


Weight loss is a fun, and challenging journey for all that requires support and constant affirmation to see through. However, if you’re serious about it, tools like mobile fitness apps and wearables can help you keep track of your stats and provide the support you need. They can also offer dietary plans and workout regimens to assist you in getting to your goals. So don’t put off your ideal weight dreams any longer, and let fitness apps help you in your weight loss journey.


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