Best Statistical Technologies for College Students In 2021


We can’t discount the value technology adds to our lives. As it continues to revolutionize our lives, the learning industry hasn’t lagged. While online learning is the primary highlight, tech advancements have not only made accessibility easier but also transformed engagements, facilitating more productive learning activities. EdTech has and continues to shape the education sector, among the top winners being the statistics field. Statistics entails collecting, organizing, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data, considerations that challenge most learners. Nonetheless, with statistical technologies for college students in 2021, the processes are more manageable, making learning fun and productive. Among the best statistical technologies college students can’t afford to ignore includes;

Graphing calculators

Calculators have and will continue to be an integral part of math, and with tech advancements, they keep getting better. Today, statistics students can hardly go without graphing calculators. The handheld tech marvels allow you to plot graphs, solve simultaneous equations, and other operations with variables. The tech means that students can quickly analyze and view data in more elaborative ways, noting that graphing is among the most popular data presentation approaches.

Top software solutions

Open-source software makes it easier for users to tailor solutions matching their specifications, such as data complexity and volume, among other considerations. As a statistics college student, learning various programming languages can’t take the backseat. Coding is quickly becoming the new normal, and with the readily available software solutions, you can considerably supercharge your statistical prowess. Answers from Matlab, SPSS, SAS, and Minitab, to mention a few, have proven that statistical considerations can be handled without wasting time or scratching your head that much. Automating repetitive and mundane tasks makes statistics study more manageable, and with the right software, you can learn and become a top student ready for the tech-driven market.

Online resources pool

Remote learning isn’t the only tech statistics college students can leverage to supercharge their educational pursuits. For instance, you can get statistics homework help whenever you face a problem proving to be a hard nut to crack. You no longer have to submit low-quality homework that only derails your progress by denting your grades. You also won’t have to play catch up with other students as the statistics homework help pros; available all-year-round can conveniently help you to earn the most challenging areas. The online world is loaded with other resourceful solutions, such as other learners on various platforms and accessible learning and practice materials, making it easier for college students to hone their statistical skills.

VR and AR

Understanding data is the primary hiccup while studying statistics, an area that virtual and augmented reality technology continues to address. As more institutions continue to push for experiential learning, statistics students can hardly ignore the value of AR/VR as they make the process more productive. The technologies make learning more interactive. As AR/VR becomes more available, college students can leverage the advancements to improve their skills through the immersive learning experience.


Built on the AR/VR idea, games provide a fun, interactive, and learning environment. 3D games are an excellent tech tool for statistics students. Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data through games and viewing the end product makes it easier to learn various concepts. You are immersed in the process without the hiccups of traditional earning that makes the process dull. From introductory, elementary, to advanced statistics, the modern world is loaded with creative games that students can utilize to hone their statistical prowess.

Statistics is not among the most specific fields, yet its essence can’t be discounted, especially in the modern information-oriented world. Nonetheless, as tech advancements continue to shape the field, college students find statistics to be more exciting and the learning curve manageable.


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