Best Tips for Home Security


Home means an enjoyable place where you can live and create lots of memories. It is a place where we can truly just be ourselves. Furnishing your home is definitely more fun than setting up security measures. But a burglary happens every 20.9 seconds, so home security should be a top priority. Consider our tips to help keep you and your family, safe and secure.

Secure the doors

Doors are the most used point of entry for burglars. 34% of burglars stroll in through the exterior doors as there are several points of potential weakness on the doors, such as hinges, handle and lockset and the door frame. Here are some suggestions on how to secure your exterior doors:

  • Install a sturdy deadbolt lock as the spring-latch lock is easy to break.
  • Incorporate additional locks to the sliding doors, such as loop locks and vertical bolt locks.
  • Place armour kits on doors to prevent burglars from taking advantage of the weakest parts of the door.
  • Install security film on glass doors. It prevents the glass from easily being broken.

Add security cameras

You’ve probably seen headlines on your TV about burglars being thwarted by CCTV camera footage. Security cameras can work both as a deterrent and a means of justice. If you want the best quality systems and installations, CCTV Company Sheffield can be a great choice. You can get cameras that are part of a complete home security system or you can use CCTV cameras that work on their own. The cameras must also have features, such as night vision, motion detection, WI-FI capability and weatherproof casing to enhance the security level.

Secure windows

Windows are also the most common entry points for burglars. You can upgrade your windows with shatterproof glass that prevent anyone from breaking a window to gain access to your home. Often manufacturer latches aren’t always effective and are easily breakable. If you feel that your window latches are not effective, beef up security with levers or locks. Add security bars and place prickly bushes under windows. You can also reinforce the window glass with a security film.

Eliminate hiding places

Trees and bushes can give burglars a place to hide or unnoticeable access to your windows. You should trim down plants and trees close to your home. Take care of the rest of your home’s exterior. Place the stools and ladders away from your house. Lock the outdoor buildings and also don’t tempt thieves by placing expensive things in the yard. Add security signs and stickers to keep thieves away from your house.

Light up the landscape

You will also want to consider the lighting of your property. Thieves and burglars don’t like to be in the spotlight. Look for dark places that may allow burglar access to your home and consider installing lights in such dark places. Motion-active lights are the best way to not annoy the neighbours or yourself with the bright lights. Solar-powered lights and timers can save energy and reduce your cost.

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