Best ways to protect your Android phone


Android phones are the most popular in the world. There are more than 2 billion users worldwide using this operative system. Most of them are not up-to-date in terms of security, since its their providers who need to send the upgrades, and they don’t all do so in good time. There is also the fact that many cheap smartphones use Android and their security system is very poor to start with. Here is how you can add protection to your Android phone.

The Dangers created by the Main Advantage of Android Phones

Users of Android particularly enjoy the fact that they have more choices, when it comes to mobile applications. But although this can be a great advantage, it is also a source of weakness for the phone, since some of these apps happen to have security breaches inside them, opening a door where malicious cybercriminals can enter into the phone. That is why you should never use yours without a VPN Android, downloaded, installed and working at all time. Otherwise, you will have no idea how the crypto-miners and other thieves will have gotten into your phone, but it will be too late to ask questions, anyway.

Do a Full Security Check

As long and boring this task may be, you need to go through your phone manual and read about the security and privacy features of the OS version your phone is using. If you don’t have it anymore, find it online. Once you know how it works, it is time to do a full check on the security of your phone. The first thing you need to verify is if you have a PIN code or pattern that you use to lock/unlock your phone. That’s the most basic security feature, which everyone should use.

Then go through all the security features one by one, and update as many as you can, so that your OS phone system is well protected, simply through its own capacity. Then, if there are some that you find too complicated to use, try finding similar ones on Google Play’s applications that will provide the same service, in an easier manner. That might be the case for your disk encryption, as an example.

Finally, go through all the apps, one by one, and delete all the ones you haven’t used in more than six months. Chances are, it will be most of them. Keeping apps for no reason in your phone, turns them into a threat. As we mention before, cybercriminals often use them to enter into Android mobile phone. And anyway, you can always redownload them, later on, if you miss them.


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