Black Shark 2 Review: Ultimate Gaming Phone With High-End Performance


After several iterations of product updates, the “gaming phone” category has gradually been accepted by users. Many young people who love to play games will prefer these performances when purchasing mobile phones. A number of exclusive optimized products to enhance your gaming experience.

On the evening of March 18th, the black shark held a new product launch conference in Beijing. The Black Shark 2 officially met with the majority of players. As the third game mobile phone launched by Black Shark, this mobile phone has evolved from appearance to performance. For game lovers, it can definitely become your new powerful assistant to help you fly in the game world.

Design & Appearance

After several iterations of the update, the design of the Black Shark phone has been basically finalized. I believe that everyone who gets the Black Shark 2 will think that this is a pure “game phone.” Because its appearance is too recognizable, the tough shape with cool lights can definitely impress the hearts of those hardcore mobile gamers. Compared with the previous two generations, the new Black Shark 2 still retains the same design in its design. The sharp lines on the back panel and the edge design on the side, as well as the LED lights on the bottom and back of the fuselage, remind you all the time: this is a game phone specially created for mobile games. For a game phone, a large battery is essential, and the Black Shark 2 has a large 4000mAh battery built in, which is satisfactory. However, this large battery also brings a thicker body and a heavier body weight. According to official data, the Black Shark 2 has a thickness of 9.5mm and a weight of 205g. It can still be felt in the hand. Component.

The Black Shark 2 backplane of the Black Shark 2 also uses a metal + glass splicing process, but the metal occupies a larger proportion. In fact, for the majority of gamers, this new design is better, especially for the players of the game, this design is more conducive to heat dissipation and enhance the game experience. The black and green color scheme has always been the usual color of the black shark. This time, the dark black version in my hand also uses this classic color scheme. Inside the SKARK key, the glass and metal splicing gap on the back panel and the front of the front screen can see a faint green decorative line. This color not only indicates the identity of the black shark mobile phone but also makes the appearance of the mobile phone no longer monotonous.

Speaking of the front, naturally, I want to talk about this 19.5:9 AMOLED screen. In order to reduce the strobe of the OLED, the screen of the Black Shark 2 uses a higher frequency DC dimming at any brightness, and an independent image processing chip is built in the body to avoid color shift on the screen. In addition, the screen of Black Shark 2 also supports the automatic adaptation of light. The screen can automatically adapt display parameters according to the content of the screen and ambient light so that it can also bring better consumers when watching videos or playing games. Experience.

While using the AMOLED screen, the Black Shark 2 is also equipped with the standard fingerprint recognition technology of the flagship machine. After the actual experience, the unlocking speed and recognition rate of the black shark mobile phone has reached a satisfactory level. And with the help of the linear motor, pressing the fingerprint to unlock the area is like pressing a switch. the screen is instantly illuminated, and a performance beast is waiting for your dispatch.

Today, many manufacturers choose to increase the proportion of screens, the black shark still chooses the full-screen design of the upper and lower width. This kind of design is obviously better when playing in a horizontal screen, because it is more conducive to horizontal screen holding, the left and right sides of the field of view will not be blocked, with the integrated dual speakers on both sides, it is also a black shark mobile phone The relentless pursuit of the game experience.

Hardware & Performance

As a game flagship, Black Shark Game 2 almost puts all the “skill points” on the game. First of all, in terms of hardware, Black Shark 2 is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 platform. This SoC adopts 7nm process technology and consists of one UHF large core, three high-frequency large cores, and four energy efficient small cores. Compared with the previous generation, the flagship increased by 45%. The ability of Snapdragon 855 has been well-known, and the performance of running points will naturally be among the best. After the actual measurement, the black shark game mobile phone 2 scored 360,000 points, which is in line with our expectations.

In order to improve the game performance of mobile phones, Qualcomm has a large number of black technologies on the Snapdragon 855 this year. The new “Snapdragon Elite Gaming” technology is one of them. Thanks to this technology, when you use the Black Shark game phone to play games, you can reduce the dropout by more than 90%, and the fluency is extremely high. In addition, Qualcomm’s technology also effectively improved the picture quality, through True HDR and based on physical rendering technology (PBR), using the black shark mobile phone to play “King of Glory” when the picture is more realistic, including the swing of the grass, the water ripples of the river, etc. Can be clearly displayed.

In addition to the CPU, the Adlonno 640 GPU built into the Snapdragon 855 performs equally well. Compared with the previous generation, the Adreno 640 has improved performance by 20%, reflecting the fact that the GPU upgrade can make large 3D games run more smoothly. We used 3DMark to test the performance of the Adreno 640. After testing, the Adreno 640 scored 5,726 points in the Sling Shot Extreme project, which is already the first echelon.

Running Scores

Testing GPUs naturally requires large 3D games. We used the currently popular “Stimulus Battlefield” to test, after the picture quality was adjusted to the highest, the Black Shark 2 can still meet the stable operation of 40fps, and after a game, the back of the phone is only warm, no The phenomenon of scalding appeared and the performance was satisfactory.

In addition, under the support of the Hexagon 690 DSP in the Snapdragon 855, the Black Shark game phone also supports AI-level core scheduling, enabling intelligent recognition such as game scenes, intelligent management background applications, intelligent performance management, and intelligence through chip-level optimization. Display the function of inserting frames, etc. When the mobile phone detects that the user is running the game, it can automatically call the relevant core participation calculation, intelligent matching performance, make the game more smooth, and ensure stable battery life.

Black Shark exclusive software optimization

In order to get smooth and smooth game experience, in addition to the powerful chip of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, many optimizations are also indispensable. The side of the Black Shark 2 has a separate Shark button. When the Shark mode is turned on, the new SHARK SPACE is displayed. SHARK SPACE not only integrates all the games in the mobile phone but also displays the game frame rate, battery temperature, CPU frequency, and other information, so you can always pay attention to whether your mobile phone is in the best condition.


In addition to SHARK SPACE, the classic “Gamer Studio” of Black Shark also appears in this phone. If you want to get the ultimate performance, you can manually adjust the phone performance in the performance mode to make the game run more smoothly.

Nowadays, FPS mobile games such as “Stimulus Battlefield” are becoming more and more popular, and such games also put forward higher requirements for mobile phones. Black Shark 2 has a “burning chicken mode” in the performance mode. When this mode is turned on, the phone will fully open the firepower. The UHF nucleus in the Snapdragon 855 will start working, making the mobile game run more smoothly.

Due to the complicated operation of FPS mobile games, many professional players can achieve four-finger operation, but such operations are too complicated and not very friendly to small white users. So, can we quickly master the gameplay of the game God?

I believe that many small partners will think of the “body side button” appearing on other game phones, but the Black Shark 2 has provided us with a brand new solution through Magic Press 3D pressure sensing technology.

Magic Press 3D Pressure Sensing Technology

In the process of the game, we can use the pressure to achieve the click operation. For example, in the above picture, we map the left area to “fire” and the right area to “targeting”, so that we can use two fingers to complete the move and shoot, even for small white users can easily achieve professional-grade fingers. operating.

Press the screen to achieve the pressure bar operation

Above we talked about the black hair shark game phone 2’s body is slightly thicker, this is because this generation of black shark mobile phone uses a tower-type global liquid cooling technology. However, for game phones, heat dissipation is obviously more important than the thickness of the body, so there is nothing wrong with this practice. The body of the Black Shark 2 has a large area of ?? hot plates and heat pipes, which can cover all the heat-generating components and realize direct heat dissipation in the partition. At the same time, with the metal back plate on the back of the phone, heat can be quickly and evenly discharged, making the game run more stable.

Hardware Temperature

We still use “Stimulus Battlefield” to test the thermal performance of the Black Shark 2. After the actual measurement, after running a game, Black Shark 2 has been stably maintained in the high-performance state, the highest XO temperature is 45 ° C, but the back of the fuselage is only warm, temperature control is very good.


For a game phone, the big battery is already standard, but the “e-sports” 4000mAh battery of Black Shark 2 is still quite different. By optimizing the cell chemistry system and improving the charge and discharge algorithm, the battery cycle of the Black Shark 2 has increased by 60%. Combined with 27W high-voltage fast charge, it can fill nearly 60% of the electricity in half an hour, enough to meet the endurance requirements of heavy mobile gamers.


Even professional players who don’t leave their hands every day sometimes use their mobile phones to record their lives. Therefore, the photo performance of a mobile phone is also worthy of attention. This Black Shark 2 is equipped with 48 Megapixels + 1300 pixels rear dual camera, support AI camera; front is a 20 Megapixel lens, support beauty.

It should be noted that when using the Black Shark 2 to take pictures, the phone will automatically perform 4-in-1 output, that is, only 12 Megapixels of photos can be output when taking pictures. Next, let’s take a look at how the camera’s camera performance is.

As can be seen from the proofs, the color of the Black Shark 2 is naturally biased, and the color saturation is not improved for the photos to enhance the look and feel. However, the AI ?? recognition function of the Black Shark 2 does need to be improved. In the process of the small series test, the Black Shark 2 will have occasional recognition inaccuracy, and the algorithm of the black shark still needs to be improved.

Of course, for a game phone, its camera performance has met the requirements of people’s minds as long as it meets the daily record of life, so from this point of view, the performance of the black shark is still satisfactory.

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If you let me define the Black Shark 2, I think it is the very pure hand-held weapon in the player’s mind. For the game player, having a better game experience is the meaning of the game phone. With the Snapdragon 855, the global tower-wide liquid cooling and the touch screen, the Black Shark 2 has become a powerful gaming phone. If you are a mobile game player, this phone is definitely a great tool for you.

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