Blocker Review: Free Mobile App to Block Gaming


The industry in the UK has faced several challenges due to the increased rates of problem . To reduce this menace several measures have been put in place including the introduction of the downloadable  Blocker software

The software which functions in as many devices as possible allows you to restrict yourself from as many as 6910 sites. The software is also compatible with a number of operating software meaning it is available in different formats. You will have Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and Fire OS applications.

Blocker Overview

 Blocker has a number of features that will effectively assist you in minimizing this risk which is a great risk to UK .


This an exclusive feature that puts you away from sites that provide content. Once the software is downloaded and successfully installed, the user is able to exclude himself from over 6910  sites if you want to break from activities. This also provides different limits you can choose from, for example, the length of time you are excluding yourself from such activities.

Parental Control

Parental control is yet another feature that increases the effectiveness of the application. At times parents find it hard to restrict their children from accessing their mobile devices, this usually leads to unwanted gaming practices among the kids. 

They end up accessing the devices and have a chance to place at  and sites without ID verification hence falling into the temptation of addiction. To help parents control this, Blocker has provided a mechanism where parents can access the parental control settings that allows them to switch it on and off as a means of restricting the young ones.


The regulatory software which has been acknowledged by many industry players has brought several pros on board as described below.

  • Free of charge. Comparing to Gamban, the application is not for sale as it was brought to effect by charity organizations with the aim of saving society. It can easily be downloaded on any device having the specified operating systems and be used whirl you spend absolutely nothing on its acquisition. The software has had many followers due to its cheap acquisition and compatibility with other devices. This assures you that even if the expiry dates are reached you can still update it and continue to enjoy the lucrative services.
  • Self-exclusion from unlicensed brands. The self-exclusion aspect of the application makes it more effective in its purpose. You can exclude yourself from unwanted sites and notification hence reducing the chances of getting disturbed by unauthorized  sites which could easily lure someone into getting to the game.
  • Unlimited installations and no ads. The Blocker application that is easily downloadable on mobile devices can be installed in a few steps that are simple for the users to understand. This installation which does not expire can be installed as many times as possible just in case it crashes or the device becomes faulty. This is positive to the users as blocking the  content is possible on different devices even if it is changed to a new device. Another great advantage includes the absence of ads on which distracts most people’s attention.


A few of the Blocker features make it unpopular among gamers of different kinds as described below

  • The deletion of the app leads to unblocking. Though the app is above 90% effective, it has a setback when it is deleted from your device. Once deleted, the application stops to function immediately and the blocked sites can now be accessed and information continues to flow in your device. This means that you will be required to install it once again to enjoy the services offered by the application.
  • Some brands are not included. The  industry is very broad and the application is not able to capture all the brands. This makes it a bigger challenge because the dynamics of the industry is high producing new  site day in day out. As the application is only able to block just about 6910 sites meaning the remaining sites can still be accessed and information may easily flow.


The Blocker which has worked out effectively needs to upgrade on more measures that will ensure problem is reduced to the lowest levels possible for a safer gaming nation. 

We hope the software shall be of great help and that punters should help the owners develop it better through contributions and donations towards the campaign against problem . Also we would like to share with you that guide that explains how to deal with addiction and have some really good tips to stop gaming.


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