Buffalo Home Décor Stores Close, Keep Customers Money Without Delivering Orders


It’s summer-time now, a busy moving season.    Things are complicated with the pandemic, but some people are still going forward with plans to relocate.  In Buffalo however, some people may have a hurdle that just got thrown in their way, too big to get over.   Movers who may have recently shopped at the Home Décor Outlet of Niagara Falls or Cheektowaga, may not get their furniture.

“I was really excited. I am not excited anymore because I don’t have my furniture,” said Home Décor customer Hilda Brown to a news reporter of WIVB channel-4 news.

A Buffalo resident who had just set forth to move out of a safe house into a new home, Hilda had an order for $2,600 that seemingly was forgotten.    

Her daughter made the order with full confidence, her mother would have a comfortable new location to call home.   Instead, the furniture purchased from Home Décor never arrived.   And when the Buffalo grandmother went to check on her order, she found the store closed and doors locked.  And no one was contacting Hilda about her $2,600 worth of furniture.

News reporters from WIVB-4 visited the store as well.  According to their description, “The [Home Décor store] signs say they are looking to hire salespeople and delivery drivers.” 

Perhaps they are short-handed but the multi-million dollar store chain should still update customers on orders. Especially something as vital as the bed someone needs to sleep, in order to prepare for a busy work week.

Based in the capital city of Georgia, complaints were filed against the store with the Better Business Bureau of Atlanta.

Simone Williams, a representative of the BBB, spoke on the situation saying “Home Décor Outlets has been responsive to BBB, and pledged to uphold the BBB’s standards for trust.”

What’s trust if the company isn’t delivering nor responding to customers?  

 Williams’ answer could be viewed as a degradation of the BBB standards.  Customers still did not get their orders on agreed upon dates.

Luckily however, Buffalo’s warm-hearted residents did have a solution to the issue.  After seeing the news report on Home Decor’s stores closing without delivering, people stepped in with donations.

Her daughter, who spent the initial $2,600 went into her bank account again. This time she bought Hilda a full living room set.  

A non-related viewer from Amherst, New York wrote a check for $1,000 to help in accommodating MrsBrown into a new home.   The money could be used on a site like FloorMod.com to renovate her new home or a new washer & dryer set from Home Depot.

And the generosity of Buffalo-area residents didn’t stop there.  George Costello, owner of Xtreme Discount Mattress, brought the relocating mother a brand new adjustable bed.   A good heart but still a businessman, he had to let residents know where the best deals were at.

“We sell mattresses for less, a lot less,” Costello said to WIVB-4’s investigative journalist, Al Vaughters, of the situation.

Now, things are a little more comfortable for Mrs Brown but there are concerns that there are others affected by the sudden Home Décor  Outlets of Niagara Falls & Cheektowaga.   

Those who didn’t get what they purchased from Home Décor  need to file a complaint.  Call the New York Attorney General at 853-8404 or click here



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