CHUWI FreeBook 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, Design, Hardware, Features


Convertibles, like the Chuwi FreeBook Notebook, have become one of the preferred options for many users. And it is that these systems bring to the present Microsoft’s proposal from the early 2000s, the TabletPC, but taking advantage of the technological evolution and the learning that tablets have provided us. And, of course, such innovation has been received very positively by users, who see the many advantages that this type of device provides, thanks to its great versatility.

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It is a notebook constructed of aerospace alloy aluminum with a unibody shape and durable construction without adding too much weight. The lines are modern, with the keyboard filling much of the lower portion, as well as the touchpad. This FreeBook has a full-size keyboard that makes typing very comfortable. In addition, thanks to its extremely thin frame, the feeling of using the keyboard is similar to that of a conventional laptop. Additionally, its large, multi-touch touch panel allows the use of multiple gestures that provide quick and convenient access to the most common functions.

Strength is also a key element in convertibles, and this especially applies to the system responsible for folding and unfolding the keyboard. To ensure durability, Chuwi has constructed the FreeBook hinge using powder metallurgy, a procedure that guarantees a very fine result. With a very soft texture and, at the same time, tremendously resistant, in which the gears also fit perfectly. In this way, this FreeBook can be folded more than 200,000 times, keeping its properties as the first day.


Regarding its screen, we will find a 13.5-inch panel with a resolution of 2,400 x 1,600 dots in a 3: 2 aspect ratio and that represents 100% of the sRGB space. Of course, we are talking about a multi-touch screen (up to ten simultaneous points), which can also be used with the HiPen H7 Stylus pointing device, which makes the FreeBook a very practical device for taking notes by hand, designing drafts. and so on.


The laptop is powered by the Intel Celeron N5100 processor, it is a relatively young system (released earlier this year), offering four cores with a base clock of 1.1 GHz (2.8 GHz in Turbo mode). Using Intel UHD Graphics, the FreeBook can decode 4K video smoothly, which is very convenient for the stunning 2K crisp screen The FreeBook is equipped with 4GB LPDDR8 dual-channel RAM and 256GB high-speed SSD storage. Thus, the software starts and loads quickly, without delay, and office efficiency is greatly improved.


Regarding its connectivity, the Chuwi FreeBook equips three USB Type-C ports, two of them with USB 3.0 speed and a third USB 2.0 speed. In the wireless section, it has WiFi WiFi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac for the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz bands, as well as Bluetooth 4.2.

In case you are wondering, the Chuwi FreeBook is fully compatible with Windows 11, which among other innovations allows you to get much more out of both its touch interface and the use of the HiPen H7 pointer. It has the necessary TPM 2.0 chip and comes with a Windows 10 Home OEM license, so it can be updated for free to the new version of Microsoft’s operating system.

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Buy Chuwi Freebook at $549.99 on Chuwi Website


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