ColorOS 13 Latest UI Leaked: Control Center Optimization


OPPO officially announced the adaptation plan for the third quarter of ColorOS 12. At present, only a few models of OPPO A96 and OnePlus have not pushed the official version, and the latest version will be released in August. All upgrades will be pushed. Now, there is more and more news about OPPO’s next-generation system, ColorOS 13. Today, some bloggers have exposed the latest UI of ColorOS 13.

The news is that Color OS13 will change the design of the mobile phone control center and some system apps, strengthen the background retention rate and the adaptation of free small windows, etc. The picture shows that the Color OS13 control center will support adjusting the switch style, with default, window, prism, square and other styles.

It is worth mentioning that the picture shows that the OPPO Sans font will be renamed OPlus Sans, which is closely related to the change in OnePlus positioning this year. The blogger previously broke the news that OnePlus after the change in positioning can be regarded as an independent sub-brand of Green Factory, which mainly focuses on online e-commerce, and the product line alternation is somewhat similar to Blue Factory and early iQOO. And OnePlus will launch more mid-to-low-end models later.

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The blogger previously broke the news that ColorOS 13 supports the creation of large nine-square-grid folders, and you can directly click to open the App in the folder, and the blogger has repeatedly emphasized that ColorOS 13 background retention rate has been greatly improved. According to the blogger, ColorOS 13 is expected to be tested externally in July and will be officially tested in August.

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