Conbrov DV9 HD Notebook Spy Camera with Night Vision & Huge 10000mAh Battery Hands-on Review


We have marvelled in the field of technology backed security, demand for security has increased more than ever in recent times. In house security or office security is pretty much dominated by CCTV camera, and a niche category of these type of cameras is hidden spy cctv cameras, like the one we are gonna see in depth about, it the Conbrov HD DV9 Spy Notebook camera with Night Vision, 24 months standby and many more features, its just a gorgeous piece of technology + art which will blend in your house or office and simultaneously provide you with Security. Lets dive into the device and let’s see what all cool things Conbrov Notebook Camera has to offer.

First of all thanks to Conbrov for sending me this review unit, it arrived in about 6 days leaving the wait at the customs. Conbrov is a brand that has shined in converting general very common house stuff into high tech security maintainers, they have managed to do it with lots of products like a notebook, pictures frames etc. You can see more details on their website. Now coming to the package, the package arrived unharmed through Singapore post intact with yellow tape all around it making it very tedious to open. Some how getting past the tapes you finally reach the inside of the box, well then you get another Dark Grey coloured box with a matte finish, On the front you have the Notebook Camera and its features and on the back you can see the pictures of various use case scenarios that can are possible with this device. While the sides are kept blank

Now, let’s turn towards unboxing the device, inside the box is the plastic white transparent pouch which holds the HD Notebook camera, as soon as I held the book I could the premium finish conbrov has managed to put into it, and then there are all the accessories inside. You get a notebook camera, a micro usb cable, a micro sd card reader, a reset button tool, warranty card, user manual and lastly a red/yellow CCTV sticker, how thoughtful of Conbrov, I really like the extra added stuff, its a cherry on the cake.

After unboxing the device I took an in depth look at it, and I have to say I am impressed by attention they have given to the details here, the Notebook from outside appears to be a very premium hard cover with soft cushion Notebook, and on inside at the center you have the camera and circuit assembled in a rectangular black coloured box. Inorder to add to the authenticity the notebook also has hinges like a file folder which quite strong and has chrome finish and also houses a set of lined paper. So overall even after someone takes a peek inside your notebook they won’t be able to make it as a camera, it’s so well designed. First thing you should do after unboxing this device is to charge the battery as it takes about 20hours for full charge. On the inside there is also an up| down label for you to know what side is up.

Talking about the specs of the camera you get a wide angle HD camera which can record 720p videos, it has a 10000mAh humongous battery. The camera has three modes a normal video, night video and a motion detection video, it has PIR motion sensor and Black Light flash that is invisible to human eyes but helps the camera record video at night.

You can record normal video by pressing the record button, it has a led indicators, a blue led, a yellow led and a red led. To activate the camera you press the power button, the blue led blinks, when you press the record button the blue led blinks 3 times and stops, again to stop recording press the record button to stop recording. Inside the user manual all of this has been mentioned. 

Now to set the date and time on the video you have to insert a micro sd card power on the device and then power it off, then remove the sd card again, insert it into card reader provided with the notebook camera and connect it to a PC, when you open the sd card you will see a text file, in which you can set the time and date. Below is the video review with sample recorded video files.

The Conbrov DV9 HD Spy Notebook Camera is a unique gadget and there are not many gadgets that are so well designed so that it blends virtually into any situation. The gadget has a sober very well architecture, with the right placement of the camera. It also has some solid specs like the PIR motion sensor and 10000mAh battery with 2 years of standby. This is the best spy camera you will find around and is definitely useful in securing your homes or office premises. You can get yours here at , or you can purchase from Amazon here at $89.99.


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