Creality LD-006 Review – LCD Resin 3D Printer at €279.99 From CAFAGO in Flash Sale


Creality LD-006 resin 3d printer, with 8.9 inches 4K monochrome screen, unleash your creativity and open up new possibilities. Creality LD-006 resin 3D Printer has procured such a triumph since it’s delivered, as its excellent and worthy cost for novices. The robust Z-axis on two linear slide rails and a T-bar achieves the best precision and a smooth surface. Compared to the previous model, this provides 35% more stability. Resin printers are ideal for small very complex parts. The amount of detail that can be printed is insane and this opens up a lot of different possibilities!


The Creality LD-006 is the bigger brother of the LD-002H. The LD-006 is equipped with a 4k resolution 8.9-inch monochrome screen and offers a big build volume of 192 x 120 x 250mm. The structure has also been upgraded to double linear rails for a more sturdy and accurate design. This all adds up to a better surface finish. The LD-006 has an 8.9″ monochrome LCD screen so you can control your model building from start to finish. This 3D printer is powerful, printing at an incredible 60mm/hr. When it comes to hardening your models, it takes from 1 to 4 seconds. Equipped with a robust Z-axis on two linear guides and a T-bar, this 3D printer allows you to obtain the best possible printing precision and a smooth surface. Its large, larger 4.3-inch color touchscreen with improved resolution ensures you have an even more enjoyable operation.

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The resin can generate a stench that can be dissipated with its built-in dual-fan cooling system and built-in air purification system. The Creality LD-006 printer features an active carbon filter that provides an odor-free user experience. A large 3D printer requires greater stability. So Creality installed some high-quality dual linear guide rails with a T-rod for superior precision and a smoother surface. Creality LD-006 has installed a modern lighting system based on a matrix light source, with a minimum angle of 2°, quartz LED, and ultraviolet radiation that offers a high-quality printing level. With the monochrome screen curing time is significantly reduced, providing single layer exposure times of 1 to 4 seconds. Obtaining printing speeds of up to 60 mm/h.


The stunning Creality LD-006 resin 3D printer with 8.9-inch 4K monochrome display unleashes your creativity and opens up new possibilities. Ideal for 3D printing companies and manufacturers in the dental sector, given its adaptability for dental modules. You can buy it from CAFAGO at €279.99 in Flash Sale with Fee-Shipping from Germany Warehouse.


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