CSJ X7 PRO Review – 4K RC Drone with Backpack For Just $157.99 at TOMTOP with Duty-Free Shipping


Today we introduce you to the CSJ X7 PRO 4K RC Drone, this is a GPS FPV drone with a brushless motor. The foldable design and adjustable 4K Camera, equipped with lower VPU. CSJ X7 PRO is a foldable and brushless RC quadcopter that obtains switchable optical flow dual camera and 2-axis mechanical self – stabilizing head, and long flight time up to 25 minutes and 50 times zooming camera.

Buy CSJ X7 PRO 4K RC Drone From TOMTOP


The extremely functional drone CSJ X7 PRO is characterized by high quality and the use of the latest solutions and functions. Thanks to the folding housing and very low weight (about 500 grams), you can take it with you anywhere: to the park, to the mountains, on a trip, or any other terrain. The CSJ X7 PRO was built to look a lot like the DJI Mavic Air. It is a smaller, folding quadcopter and it does have a 4K camera it most definitely will not compete with the DJI Mavic Air. The biggest reason is the camera. Yes, it is capable of 4K but only for photography. The video is limited to 2K, which is still an improvement over 1080p.

The camera is on a servo so the pilot should be able to tilt it up and down. It claims a field of view of 120-degrees. The CSJ X7 PRO drone control a modern controller with a built-in smartphone holder or by means of an extensive application for HFUN Pro smartphones and tablets. The application is compatible with the latest Android and iOS systems. GPS positioning – the drone has an automatic take-off and landing function (One key landing & One key Take-off), and when it is in the air, it uses GPS positioning and a barometer to determine its position.

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The main camera working in the 4K 5G wi-fi standard ensures excellent quality of video and photo images. The electronically adjustable lens in the 30 ° vertical range will allow you to capture the most important moments and events. The second camera in the chassis records everything he sees vertically down and works independently. The pilot of the drone can freely switch to the selected camera. The intelligent camera has the ability to record and take pictures after detecting a hand gesture. Just place your hand or fingers properly so that the camera can read the gesture shown. The suggested distance from the camera is 2 meters.

The CSJ X7 PRO drone has the ability to track the object in two ways. After identifying the object by camera or flight behind the phone with the GPS transmitter turned on. After enabling this option, the drone will launch the AUTOPILOT, which will control it by itself. The powerful 2800mAh battery allows the drone to stay in the air for up to 25 minutes. If the power level is very low, the red LEDs will light up and the aircraft will automatically return to the starting location. In turn, a modern transmitter maintains contact with the drone up to 600 meters in the open. And by controlling the drone through the smartphone application, the flight control range is up to 300 meters.


Thanks to the latest optical stabilization technology, it precisely stays in the air, even in difficult conditions. Discover and use one of the many options offered by the free application. Thanks to it you will be able to control the CSJ X7 PRO RC Drone intuitively and safely. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $157.99 and Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping.

Buy CSJ X7 PRO 4K RC Drone From TOMTOP


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