CVPS: Why Computerized Valet Parking Systems Are A Great Asset To Your Business


On today’s generation, the effects of technology is extensive. You can say that technology can turn the impossible things to possible, and because of different innovations being made everyday, business owners can provide quality services for customers.

Having your own business isn’t easy, especially when you have your own establishment, and somehow things became very challenging to maintain. Like for a parking business, you have to make sure that you provide the necessities of your customers, especially when it comes to security and convenience. So, when it comes to valet parking systems, CVPS Parking can be your best choice.

What is CVPS?

Computerized Valet Parking System or CVPS is a new technology used for clients or customers to acquire modern parking services. In a traditional parking service, valet attendants will park and retrieve the customer’s vehicle. While in a computerized valet parking system, everything will be automated.

Benefits of CVPS

Having this modern parking system will give you an edge among your competitors because it won’t just impress customers, it will give an overall customer satisfaction for them. Here are some of the advantages of CVPS parking that can benefit not just your customers, but your business as well:

1. Online Reservation System

Parking a vehicle is stressful for a lot of customers, and finding a parking spot for their vehicle is time-consuming as well. On the other hand, this can be the major reason why customers are looking for another establishment which can provide a high level of satisfaction when it comes to parking options.

Don’t let that happen on your business. To solve that problem, use a computerized valet parking system than can provide an online reservation for your customers. This means that when the customers arrive, they already have a parking space, and they don’t need to spend more time just to have a perfect parking spot.

2. Additional Security

Some customers don’t really like to let other people drive their vehicle, especially if it’s expensive. Because a lot of cases about stolen vehicles and theft are happening on parking lots nowadays, it’s hard for customers to give their full trust. On the other hand, business owners are also vigilant about these types of claims because sometimes, fraudulent customers are on the move.

CVPS provides an additional layer of security by taking a picture of the vehicle before the vehicle enters and comes outside the parking lot. This photo will become a proof if ever a client claims that the damages just appeared when it entered your parking lot. They can also check the dash cam of the customer if they have one.

CVPS also scans license plate numbers and VIN for tracking purposes.

3. Paperless

You can save a lot of money because valet systems are paperless. They’ll just receive an e-ticket which they’ll be using when they pay for the parking fee, then an attendant will retrieve the e-ticket back after the customer is done for their payment. You might think that using paper and ink it doesn’t have any effect on your business expenses, but when you try to add the costs of those things over time, it actually has a drastic effect.

In addition, customers don’t have to worry to look for their parking tickets since most systems use mobile phone numbers to do transactions.

4. Convenience

It’s convenient to use. This is one of the most important elements that a business owner can provide on their customers. Business owners should ensure that the customers are satisfied with their services, by making sure that customers will enter and leave the establishment without any hassle. This can also lead to loyalty of customers on your business.

5. Fast retrieval of vehicle

Even before the customer leaves the premises, they can request their car with ease. Customers can simply download the valet parking application on their mobile phone and make a request. This application can also be used for their payment, since valet parking systems are cashless.

Some valets softwares also offer valet kiosks that work just like the mobile application, and you can simply do payments by scanning the barcode. These features can make your business become more sophisticated and modern, compared to other parking systems. As a result, your business will be elevated and more customers will be attracted to it.


Technology can be the greatest ally of a business and a business owner. Using the latest technology and innovation can be your edge on other businesses, which can also help you grow in the long run. Computerized valet parking systems can be a big asset because of it’s great advantages.


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