Discover the XGIMI H6 4K Projector: Detailed Review and Analysis


The consumption upgrade of the projection market is undeniable. The 0.47-inch 1080p full HD projection is no longer the main battleground for many brands, and the higher-priced 4K ultra-high-definition projection has become the battleground. The critical point and there is a tendency that the higher the price, the better the sale. At the beginning of 2023, XGIMI is the first to launch the new 4K ultra-high-definition projector xgimi h6 4K version, and its inclusion in the H series also reflects XGIMI’s high expectations for this product.

Compared with the XGIMI H5, the previous generation product of the H series, although the new model still has a 0.47-inch DMD chip, it has been upgraded to 4K ultra-high-definition resolution. Compared with XGIMI’s previous 4K model RS Pro2, it is quite different in appearance, and the price difference is nearly 1,500 yuan, further improving the cost performance. What are the advantages of XGIMI’s new H6 4K projector? Recently, the editor also got this brand new XGIMI H6 4K version projector and experienced it for everyone for the first time.


Regarding appearance design, the XGIMI H6 4K version continues the family design style of the XGIMI H series products. The body size is 213.4×218.4×143.23mm, and the weight of the whole machine has reached 3.04 kg. Compared with the previous generation of products in terms of volume and weight have been reduced. The transition between the upper and lower parts of the fuselage is smoother, more natural, and more beautiful.

A prominent 4K logo on the front of the lens proves that this H6 4K version has an ultra-high-definition resolution. It is worth noting that XGIMI has a set of optical zoom lenses for the H6 4K version. Unlike the digital zoom commonly used in the market, optical zoom physically adjusts the lens’s focal length. The advantage of being equipped with a light source zoom lens is that the projection screen can be zoomed in and out through the movement of the optical lens inside the lens without cropping the screen, let alone losing resolution and brightness, and can obtain lossless 4K image quality.

The XGIMI H6 4K version has also been upgraded in terms of interface configuration. The design of dual HDMI 2.1 interfaces, one of which is still an eARC version, can support higher-speed audio transmission. The dual USB 2.0 ports have also become standard. At the same time, it also supports 12ms low latency, 240Hz high frame rate, and Wi-Fi6, providing a more precise and smoother video viewing experience for users who like to play games and watch sports programs.

In addition, the Bluetooth of the H6 4K version also supports a dual Bluetooth connection function, which can help the connection of two Bluetooth headsets at the same time, meeting the needs of two people watching movies or playing games. All the operating functions of this projector are integrated into the remote control. The matte texture at the bottom of this remote control feels good to hold, and the overall artistry is exquisite.

Leading performance

In terms of performance configuration, the XGIMI H6 4K version is still equipped with a 0.47-inch DMD chip, which realizes ultra-high-definition 4K images through XPR technology. As for the light source, the three-color LED light source is still used, with a brightness of 1200CCB, converted into a commonly used brightness standard of about 2200 ANSI lumens, which can meet the needs of daily viewing.

The new light source zoom lens of the XGIMI H6 4K version is combined with the XGIMI self-developed XGIMI MAVII Eagle Eye 3.0 Pro system to obtain more powerful image adjustment functions. The optical zoom of the self-developed optical machine can be mobilized first, and the loss of image quality is reduced by 36%. It is also possible to adjust the throw ratio between 1.2 and 1.5. Whether a large or small room, it can project a lossless picture, and the room adaptability is increased by 25%. When the projection ratio of XGIMI H6 4K is 1.5:1, it can project a 120-inch screen at 3.98 meters from the wall, and at a projection ratio of 1.2:1, it can project a large screen of 150 inches at 3.98 meters.

Additionally, the combination of light source zoom and non-sensing automatic keystone correction, optical intelligent obstacle avoidance, visual screen alignment, Turbo light, and other functions makes the experience of using these fully automatic functions higher. Especially in combination with the Turbo Light engine, it can automatically sense ambient light changes and perform one-click brightening, with a brightness increase of 39%. Zooming in on the screen at night brings users a more immersive experience, and zooming out in the daytime allows users to experience a brighter background. Experience. The non-inductive automatic keystone correction equipped with the 3D ToF+CMOS solution can achieve a real-time return of tens of thousands of sets of data per second, realizing more accurate and faster automatic keystone correction without trapezoidal correction images.

Function Menu

After starting up, due to the function of starting the engine at double speed, the viewing interface is opened in 4 seconds, which saves the tedious waiting time for starting up the advertisement.

The XGIMI H6 4K version has rich menu functions. In the screen adjustment function, you can see functions such as Turbo Light, screen zoom, and screen shift. Whether it is an automatic adjustment or manual adjustment, it will be very convenient.

The adjustment of the projection mode is also effortless. Hoisting and front projection can be easily realized according to different usage positions. There are also settings, including the adjustment of the focus function and the adjustment of the picture. Various options are vibrant to meet the adjustment of multiple details.

In the video options, the H6 4K version can also adjust the video image mode according to the usage scene, such as watching movies, games, football, and other methods, with one-key adjustment, and projection beginners can also quickly get started.

Shooting effect

It can be seen from the real-shot test renderings that the 4K projection of the XGIMI H6 4K version has a very high definition of the text, and the text in the first few lines can be accurately recognized. The color block structure and the resolution of black and white stripes are also prominent. The cyan part is incomplete in the line test, and the other colors are more accurate.

In the test picture below, you can also see that the colors of various fruits are complete, and the details are also vibrant. The display of multiple colors and the depiction of lines are relatively in place, showing the level a 4K projection should have.


As the first work of XGIMI in 23 years, it is also a heavyweight new product in the projection market. XGIMI H6 4K version has a lot of upgrades in terms of appearance design and function configuration. In terms of the actual projection effect, it also makes people see the level that a mid-to-high-end projection should have. After testing many 4K ultra-high-definition movies, the editor is also delighted with the picture effect of the H6 4K version. Currently, the new H6 4K version is priced at 6,999 yuan in the market, which can be regarded as a 4K model focusing on cost performance. If you want a 4K resolution projector in 2023, XGIMI should be one of your best choices.

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