DJI First Traversing Machine is Leaked: 3-Blade Propeller


DJI will hold a new species launch event at 10 pm on March 2 (next Tuesday), officially bringing its first DJI First Traversing Machine. The official copy wrote: ” New immersive flight? At 22:00 on March 2 | Welcome to new species and reconstruct flight imagination. In the official breaking news video, this new product of the traversing machine showed a dim picture of its true appearance. I saw that it uses four propellers, a 3-blade design, and the camera is located on the top of the machine. The whole machine is black, with red embellishments on the motor, the tail end of the wings, and the bracket, which is very cool.

According to the specifications transmitted by the Internet: the traversing machine supports 4K/60fps recording, is equipped with a 3-blade propeller, supports 3 flight modes, has a maximum speed of 120-150 kilometres per hour, 2000mAh battery, and 20 minutes of battery life.

DJI is equipped with the second-generation FPV flying glasses, which can display 720P/120fps, 28 milliseconds low latency, and support 4 km image transmission. It is rumoured that the price of the DJI VFP traversing machine set is 9688 yuan, we will wait and see.

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