DJI Pocket 2 Released: 4K Handheld Gimbal Camera For Just $375.99


DJI Pocket 2 Camera officially released, which is DJI’s smallest consumer-grade handheld gimbal camera so far, and it can be called a VLOG camera.

DJI Pocket 2 continues the compact and portable design of the previous generation. The overall size is 124.7X38.1X30mm and weighs only 117g. It has a built-in 875mAh lithium-ion battery. It has 140 minutes of super battery life under the 1080P video shooting.

It adopts DJI’s advanced gimbal stabilization technology, holding it with one hand without fear of shaking, and shooting images are stable. At the same time, the hybrid focus 2.0 technology is fully upgraded to support 8x zoom, and you can shoot details without being close to the subject.

The DJI Pocket 2 is equipped with the flagship phone’s IMX686 sensor, 64 Megapixels, 1/1.7 inches, and supports 4K/60fps video, which is equivalent to plugging the flagship phone into the pan/tilt.

Built-in four-directional microphones, with stereo recording, support for innovative functions such as sound field follow audio zoom, pickup direction switching, and smart wind noise reduction.

In terms of scalability, the bottom of the Pocket2 has been upgraded to a detachable bottom shell. The product does not need to be connected to an accessory adapter sleeve like the previous generation and only needs to be replaced at the bottom to expand more accessories.

The standard version is priced at 2499 yuan and includes the Pocket 2 body, protective case, mini-joystick, tripod adapter, hand strap, mobile phone connector (Lightning), mobile phone connector (USB-C), charging cable, etc.

The package version is priced at 3499 yuan and comes with additional accessories such as a miniature tripod, an extender lens, an all-purpose handle, a wireless microphone windproof cover, a wireless microphone transmitter, and a dual-head charging cable.

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DJI Care for Pocket 2 will be renewed at the same time. You only need to pay a certain replacement fee and you can quickly replace it with one click. There is no fear of machine damage caused by accidents such as falling, impact, and water ingress. The 1-year version is priced at 199 yuan, providing 2 low-cost replacement rights within 1 year; the 2-year version is priced at 319 yuan, providing 3 low-cost replacement rights within 2 years and the official warranty extension for the second year.


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