DJI reveals the mighty Zenmuse Z3 drone Cam with 7x zoom


DJI a name that comes frequently in the drone tech, a topmost drone maker of china has launched a drone specific camera the DJI Zenmuse Z3 Cam which is capable of zooming 7x.

The Zenmuse Z3 is reported to support 3.5 optical zoom and 2X digital zoom which combine to give a total of 7x zoom. The Zenmuse Z3  sports a 12MP Sony camera with 2.3 Yingcun sensor, having a focal length of 22-77mm and corresponding aperture size of F2.8 – F5.2 . The Zenmuse Z3 camera also supports 4K video recording, and is capable of shooting still images and still video recording.



DJI’s drones have been very useful for aerial photography and videoshooting but one disadvantage of it was that if you want to shoot a closeup of something you had to get the drone to fly very close to the object in order to get a clear crispy shot. That can be hazardous and unsuitable in many situations as a mistake in operation could lead to a collision . But now, with the launch of the Zenmuse Z3, the company’s first Point to Zoom (PTZ) camera which can deliver up to a whopping 7x zoom its all about to change.

DJI Zenmuse Z3 camera can be mounted on a host of drones ranging from all drones  manufactured by DJI “Enlightenment” Inspire 1 aircraft, Jingwei M100 developer platform, to Jingwei M600 flying platform. It also supports DJI’s airborne Lightbridge and Lightbridge 2 and image transmission system, which enables a user to view real-time images transmitted from the drone from within 5km. DJI’s Zenmuse Z3 camera carries a price tag of 5999 yuan ($900).


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