Do Responsible Betting Initiatives Work?


I have recently seen many UK Gambling Commission licensed betting sites launching a range of television adverts in which the emphasis of those adverts in not focussed on the betting opportunities that they offer, but instead on the responsible gambling tools they have on their online and mobile betting platforms, which is a refreshing change it does have to be said.

That does mark a huge change in direction it does have to be said, for there was a time when the only adverts you would see on TV for a betting site or betting app was the range of sporting events you could bet on along with information on the betting offers and promotional deals available at those sites too.

It is not out of the goodness of their hearts however as to why they have started to roll out such advertisements, it is due to the fact that the UK Gambling Commission has ordered its license holders to make sure their customers are aware of such tools and how to make use of them too.

Let’s take the GamStop scheme for example, basically each gambling site account you hold with every single UK Gambling Commission licensed site will be closed down once you sign up to that register. However there will still be a huge number of sportsbooks not on GamStop available to players online on sites like and many others.

As such do look out for such advertisements, and make sure that if you are one of the many people that does gamble and bet online you actively make use of those tools as well, as they can and do offer you plenty of option settings that at the end of the day are going to ensure that you never gamble away and lose more money than you had intended to do so.

GamStop Offers an Alternative Way to Stop Gambling

You will probably know just how hard it can be trying to give up gambling, if at any time in the past you have attempted to do so and sadly failed at doing so too.

However, it can and often does take several attempts for those wishing to stop gambling to kick that habit, and if you are ever eager to stop gambling altogether then you really should act now and have your own strategy in place to help you achieve that goal.

As for what I would advise you to do, well one service that I would actively encourage everybody out there who is located in Great Britain to make full use of is the self-exclusion register that is offered by GamStop, for there is one main benefit of you signing up to their service.

There is of course always the chance that when you are trying to give up gambling you may try and sign up to another UK licensed gambling site, bit you will not be permitted to do that when on the GamStop register as all member sites are required to deny you a new account, therefore if you are serious about wanting to stop gambling get your name down with GamStop right now.

Bookies Licensed Outside the UK Not Part of GamStop

As soon as any betting site is granted a gaming license to allow them to operate in the UK, they are also required to become part of GamStop, and monitor the self-exclusion register that organisation operate and remove anyone from their customer base who is listed upon it.

That rule however is not in force in other countries of the world and with that in mind those who do use that service are still able to freely register and then gamble for real money at any of the huge and growing number of non GamStop sportsbooks.

If you are currently going through your journey regarding giving up gambling, then you will be best advised to remove any temptation to gamble again from yourself, and as it is going to be impossible for you to self-exclude from all bookies sites and apps that are not licensed in the UK, due in no small part of the sheer number of such sites and apps, you should make use of a gambling site blocker tool.

You will find several companies that offer such a tool, and by downloading the software for those tools on any computer, tablet devices, smart phones, and laptops you own, you will then not be permitted to visit any type of gambling sites as the blocker does as its name suggests, that being blocking your access from those sites and apps.


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