Does using a non-Apple charger and cable ruin your battery?


There are many myths out there regarding Apple products, how you should use them, what to do and what not to do. But as a result, we get a lot of misconceptions when it comes to how we should use these products and whether it’s ok to even touch non-Apple products or not.

All these things might not seem like a lot, but every tiny piece of information you don’t know right now might end up being a problem in the long run.

Should you use a non-Apple charger or cable?

The truth is that Apple creates chargers and cables to be suitable only for their devices. They force you to stay into this ecosystem and not use any other type of charger or similar product. The truth is that you can find reputable companies that will create “made for iPad/iPhone” cables and chargers.

If you already know that company and they have a very good reputation, obviously you can buy the product. They are most likely very well tested, and the chances of dealing with any issues are slim to none. If you want to stick with well reputed brands of chargers and other peripherals that work well with Apple devices in Sri Lanka, shop online safely at

Sure, it’s recommended to stick solely to the Apple products, just because they are the ones that come from a legit source. In fact, the only source that you can actually find on the market which is known to be the manufacturer of those products.

In the case of non-Apple products, you need to ensure that the item is rated to work at the voltage that a legit product would, otherwise you will encounter problems.

As we mentioned, if a reputable company creates products for the iOS devices, then you should be fine. These products are still pretty expensive, but at a lower price when compared to Apple accessory prices. So you are still getting a very good deal, which is something to keep in mind.

What non-Apple products should you avoid?

What we recommend you to stay away from are those cheap, knockoff chargers and cables. They are less expensive because there’s no safety mechanism in the internal circuitry. What that means is the battery gets damaged if there’s any spike in voltage while charging.

As a result, you have no battery protection system. And since voltage spikes can be quite common in many places, you risk that your phone’s battery will take all the damage.

Sure, you spend less on non-Apple accessories, but there’s literally no protection that you can get, which in the end is the main problem. That’s why Apple feel comfortable charging you quite a lot of money for these accessories.

They know you need them and that you have to buy them. So, you just have to decide whether you buy an extra cable and charger from them at a very expensive price, or if you try your luck with any other company that offers similar products.

What can you do?

After multiple studies, it seems that an internal component that’s called U2 IC is controlling the battery charge, it also controls the USB function, it even regulates the IC power charging. If the chip is damaged in any way due to voltage spikes and other electrical problems, you will end up with all kinds of issues. Check this guide by RUGGED RATINGS on durable iPhone chargers and what you should avoid.

You will have the battery not charging over 1%, the phone powering itself off automatically, if the battery is removed and the phone is charging, it won’t boot. All these simple things might not seem like a whole lot, but it will totally be worth it. You just have to adapt and implement things accordingly for the best results.

That alone is the right thing to do, although the truth is that many try to circumvent that. We believe that buying non-Apple products will let us continue using the product properly, without having to pay the Apple tax, so to speak.

Is it a good idea to rely on a non-Apple charger?

Chargers are very important. While non-Apple cables can be fine if they are from a manufacturer with a lot of experience and which sells products that are tested and work very well, chargers are a bit tricky.

You need a charger that has at least 5W for your phone. It can be quite the challenge to find reputable non-Apple chargers, but it’s not impossible. Check the specifications on the Apple charger an ensure that the replacement one has the same specs.

If not, you may run the risk of messing up your phone. You do need to understand this, as you never really know when issues might arise.

What about the certification product?

Apple understands that the demand for chargers and cables can be more than what they are able to provide. So they do have a certification program named MFI (made for iPod, iPad, iPhone). This allows manufacturers to create non-Apple cables and chargers that are actually certified by Apple. These tend to be less expensive than the Apple branded ones. And yes, Apple recognizes them as something you can use.

With that in mind, even some of the products that are not certified by Apple can work. The thing here is, you are basically gambling and trying to figure out what will work, and what will not work. You can stick to the Apple accessories for safety, go for the ones that enter their certification program, or you can use the non certified ones.

The choice is up to you. Ideally, you want to go with those products that are actually very durable and dependable. Going for the certified, yet non-Apple chargers and cables can help you save money. And at least you know that Apple certified that company and they create reputable products.

That doesn’t mean they are the best on the market, but they will give a lot of value and quality, and that’s the thing that you want to pursue the most here.


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