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Among Us is an online popular multi-player action game. Inner Solth LLC launched this game in 2018. In this game, there are two types of players the imposters and crewmates. The number of players is different in every team. Mostly the crewmates are more than imposters. The crewmates have a different function from impostors. There is a spaceship in this game. The function of a crewmate is to fix and maintain the spaceship. Impostors are secret agents, and their function is to make difficulties for crewmates. Overall this game has the best gameplay. Among Us download for PC.

 How to become a winner in Among Us?

As we discussed in the overview that Among Us is a popular action game. Because this game is multi-player, so every player wants to become the winner of the game. To become the winner of the game, the players have to know about the game’s basic rules. In this article, we discuss the basics rules of the game, and we discuss the tips and tricks to win this game; understand the basic rules of the game and follow the tips; these things make you the winner of Among Us. First, we discuss the basic rules.

Basic Rules

To become a winner in the game, you have to understand the basic rules of the game. Among Us mostly there are ten players in a match. The players are divided into two groups—the crewmates and impostors. The number of crewmates is more than that of impostors. The crewmates have the goal to complete the tasks and win the game. They have to find out the secret agents Imposter and kill them. The crewmates win the game by killing the imposters and completing the tasks. The main task to fix and maintain the spaceship.

The imposters have a goal to kill all the crewmates secretly. It also has a goal to make difficulties for crewmates. The imposters win by killing the crewmates and fail their missions. These are the basic rules of Among Us. If you want to win the game, you must understand these rules before starting a match.

Tips to win the game

After the basic rules, we discuss the tips and tricks which lead you to win the match in Among Us. There are several tips for crewmates and impostors. These tips help you to become a winner in Among Us.

Tips for Imposters

Know about popular kill zones

To become the winner of the game as an Imposter, you must know that you are well known about the maps. There are popular kill zones on the map, like security and electrical zones on the Skeld map.  In these zones it is easy to kill the crewmates and hide. In electrical, the vent is close to the task area, so it is easy for the impostor to disappear in this zone. The security room is also considered a kill zone. So if you are an imposter, choose these areas to kill the crewmates and win the match.

Act like crewmates

When you are impostors, the other crewmates have no idea about your role in the match. So in the match, you have to act like a crewmate. Always present yourself as a crew member. Show that you are helping the crewmates but do not help them. Do not be aggressive; be cool. Acting like a crew member helps you to kill more crew members and wins the game.

Report dead body yourself

In a match, when you kill a crewmate in an isolated area, then report the dead body yourself before another crewmate found the dead body and reported it. When you report the dead body yourself, no one can doubt you killed this crew member. This also an effective method for impostors to win the match.

Colorbased Name

If you are an impostor in a match, then always name yourself based on your color. If you have chosen an orange skin, then name yourself as red. This colored based name cause confusion among the crewmates how are a new player and are not well known about the game. So it also helps you to win the game.

Tips for crewmates

Know well about tasks

As a crewmate, it is your responsibility to learn more about your tasks. You have to learn more about the map and the task to finish the task easily. When you learn more about the task and map, you do not face any difficulty completing the task.

Report dead body immediately

In a match, when you are a crewmate, and you found a dead body, then report the dead body immediately. Do not wait for other members to report. This will help you to win the game as a crewmate.

Monitor the disappearing player near you

As a crewmate, you must look after yourself around you. Always monitor the disappearing people around you. Note the people when are disappearing suddenly around you because it is more chances that the suddenly disappearing members are impostors. So it helps you to become the winner match.

How to download Among Us free on PC?

After reading about the interesting gameplay of Among Us, everyone wants to play this game. Some people play this game on smartphones, but some want to play it on a PC. And they do not know how to download Among Us for free on PC. We solved this problem of game lovers. The PC lovers can download and play this game free on PC by using an android emulator. LDPlayer is the best android emulator in this regard.

What is LDPlayer?

The LD Player is a software known as an android emulator used to play android games on a laptop or PC. LDPlayer has fantastic features, like 3D graphics, lighter weight, and gamepad support that make LDPlayer more popular.

How to download LDPlayer?

Follow the given steps to download LDPlayer on your PC.

  1. Visit the official website of LDPlayer.
  2. Click on the download button to download the android emulator.
  3. Install LDPlayer on your PC after downloading.
  4. Open LDPlayer and download your desired game.
  5. Play the game on PC using LDPlayer.

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