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Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2021 – What’s New?

In Minecraft PE 2021, the developers at Mojang Studios have focused all their efforts on updating Minecraft PE 1.17 Caves & Cliffs. This update is related to caves, which have not been updated almost since the original release of the game. You can check Minecraft Auto Clicker here.

Therefore, after all these years, the caves have become boring to the players. In MCPE 2021, the underworld has completely changed – new locations and mobs have appeared. Recall than in 2020, in Minecraft 1.16.201, the hellish world was completely changed.

Lush cave

A new location in the underground world in Minecraft 2021. If the player wants to start their underground survival, they should choose a lush cave because this biome is the busiest in the caves.

There are new plant species to be found.


Along with lush caves, axolotls appeared in MCPE 2021. These are new mobs that can only be seen in the lakes of lush caves. In order to tame the axolotl, you just need to catch it with a bucket.

After that, you need to release it in any ocean. The axolotl will begin to be friends with the player and constantly follow him in the water. This mob is also very useful when fighting with guards. It attacks the guard despite risking its life. You can check phone games here.

Brushes, bags, artifacts

Another interesting innovation in Minecraft PE 2021 is bags, brushes and artifacts. With the help of a brush, you can clear various blocks and thus find artifacts. And bags are needed to store various things.

New items and copper

Several new materials and items appeared in Minecraft PE 2021.One such item is a telescope. With its help, the user will be able to view various objects in the distance. Also, the developers have added two new materials: copper, amethyst.

Copper blocks can be obtained from copper. However, copper blocks oxidize in air, so they need to be combined with honeycombs to protect them from oxidation. When oxidized, the color of the texture of the copper block turns turquoise.

Sculk sensors

Minecraft Bedrock 2021 gave players sculk sensors, which will especially appeal to the builders of various mechanisms. The sculk sensors can register any vibration within a radius of several blocks. At the same time, they are activated for two seconds and during this time they give a redstone signal.

After that they are deactivated. The sculk sensors have a unique vibration registration animation. If wool blocks are placed next to these blocks, they will absorb all vibrations.

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