Dudios Tic : Hands-On Review (Premium Earbuds at Economical Price)


Amidst the tough times where we are getting bored every day by just sitting home, entertainment has become a vital time killer. And if you are into listening to songs, it’s an excellent time to pick up a pair of wireless earbuds. These days wireless earbuds are getting affordable and so today, I bring to you, the Dudios Tic earbuds. This will be a hands-on review and I will break it down into categories.



Dudios Tic comes in a black plastic body with matt finish and features the same for its charging case. It looks and feels premium-grade compared to its low price. Although the earbud head is comparatively bigger than usual, I find it to be an advantage since a bigger surface area allows for responsive touch controls. Now let’s talk about comfort. The earbuds fit tightly into my ears and didn’t fell even while running or during an extensive workout. I have watched a couple of long movies while wearing these, but my ears were fine throughout the use. Dudios Tic earbuds have the right amount of weight to them, light enough not to irritate your ears and heavy enough to feel its presence in your ears. Dudios also provides you with 2 extra pairs of ear tips(varying sizes) in case(pun intended) the ones that come preinstalled doesn’t fit or feel uncomfortable.



I consider the sound quality of Dudios Tic to be above par it’s price range. Except for the lack of extra bass at higher volumes, the sound is clear, vocals are accurate and the volume range is wide enough for what it costs and considering it being wireless. Dudios Tic comes with a unique game mode that claims to offer crystal-clear clarity and low delay across the entire frequency range (20-20Khz). Upon testing, I didn’t find any huge difference between regular and game mode. As I mentioned before about the audio being clear, I find it true regardless of the mode you are listening in. The game mode does work and helps with latency but aurally the difference isn’t that distinguishable for a common user.

I have tried the microphone for voice and video calls. It’s decent, nothing fancy but gets the job done. Additionally, I must say that the CVC noise reduction feature works nicely. It’s not perfect but does eliminate unnecessary background noise to some extent.



Dudios Tic comes equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and PAU1606 chip technology with a high-resolution decoder built-in. Although the best possible audio experience you can get is with a smartphone, you can still connect it to anything capable of Bluetooth connectivity. The charging case has a micro USB port that is used for charging. You can hook it on to your computer or a wall charger(5V 1A) to charge it.

One thing I love about the Dudios Tic is how easy it is to control and pair with any device. Kudos to Dudios, I was amazed by how easy it was to connect the earbuds to my phone right after taking them out of the case for the first time. All you need to do is take out the earbuds, hold the multifunction button for about 3 seconds, and find Dudios Tic in the active Bluetooth devices in your Bluetooth settings, tap to connect, and voila. Almost every time, you get the earbuds out, they will automatically turn on, if in case they don’t, just hold the multifunction button for 3 seconds to turn it on. For every action/control, there’s an audio effect which is a nice touch.


The list of controls on these earbuds is almost endless with important features such as music command, call commands, voice assistant commands, etc. This entire list can be found in the manual that comes with the box. For simplicity, here are some of the important controls:

  1. Turn on: Hold the multifunction button (MFB) for 3 seconds.
  2. Turn off: Place the earbuds back into the charging case/ Hold the MF button for 8 seconds.
  3. Play/Pause: Double tap the MFB.

One cool thing I love about the Dudios Tic is the option to choose either of the two earbuds as a master piece. The master piece can be identified by checking the LED indicator light status. It the indicator flashes red and green alternatively, it’s used as the master piece.



This is another department where Dudios Tic shines. I have a habit of listening to loud music and watching videos at almost full volume and even with that I was able to get between 4.5 and 5 hours of full usage. It might work even longer if you were to use it on a lower volume and it rocks a 70-hour standby time. I have tested and was amazed by the small yet powerful battery on the case that provides up to 4 times full charge for the earbuds. The earbuds and the case, both take around 2 hours to get fully charged. As per my testing, all claims by Dudios regarding the battery life has been proven true.



As a final verdict, I would give the Dudios Tic a solid 9/10. It’s affordability, the sweet sound, the intuitive controls, and the premium feel, all work together to provide an overall wonderful experience. If you are interested in buying it, please click here to visit the Amazon store page and they come for a mere 35.99$.


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