DYU A1F Review – 16-Inch Folding Electric Bicycle at €455.35 From TOMTOP


This DYU A1F new electric bike is finally born with a trendy design and remarkably improved performance thanks to the endless efforts of F-wheel & DYU. The DYU A1F electric bicycle comes with a powerful motor and lithium batteries that give it an autonomy of 25 km in electric mode, being able to reach 45 km with pedal assistance, it has a robust frame that is easy to fold and store. little space at home, work, or study, ideal for the city where traffic has become a daily problem, they do not pollute, 0.30 cents per charge, the battery yields 800 charge cycles.


The body of the DYU A1F electric bicycle is made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and strong instability, carefully constructed with 58 procedures, with a bearing capacity of 150 kg. It can also be lifted with one hand. The width is only 200mm after folded, easy to put in the trunk. DYU A1F Electric Bike has 3 Intelligent Bike Modes, E-bike & Assisted Bike & Normal Bike. Also has a double-disc brake design, the drive makes the breakage more sensitive; the double-disc brake fully improves the braking performance; makes the braking distance shorter, and rides safer.

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The DYU A1F Electric Bike adopts 240W full-disk motor, can provide stable and sufficient driving power, and the speed can reach up to 25km/h, 42V 5AH high capacity removable lithium battery only takes 3-4 hours per charge, which can provide approximately 15 kilometers of driving miles. When riding, press the cruise button and let the bike move at the current speed. Pressing the button again or accelerating or braking will cancel the cruise function. DYU A1F Electric Bike has a 5200mAh lithium battery; that powers the bicycle to travel for about 20km in pure electric mode, approx. 35km range in power assist mode.


This DYU A1F 16-Inch Folding Electric Bicycle is a great choice for urban, commuting, short trip, shopping, and daily use. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €455.35 and Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping.


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