Get KKmoon High-pressure Airless Spraying Machine at €211.64 From TOMTOP


This KKmoon High-pressure Airless Spraying Machine is designed for the professional power painting contractor, ready to handle any painting job around your home. This is a kind of high-pressure airless paint sprayer, which has the advantages of fine atomization, smokeless operation, and has a smooth and bubble-free spraying surface.

The KKmoon High-pressure Airless Spraying Machine takes the fear out of airless spraying, making it easier to paint like a pro. The HEA system’s new tip technology decreases overspray by up to 55% while delivering softer spray, improving control, and providing a more consistent finish. The HEA pump is a durable and powerful sprayer that can spray unthinned coatings with a rebuildable fluid section that maximizes sprayer life.

The motor adopts a pure copper core brush motor, which has less heat generation; and pumps heat sink design to ensure that the temperature of the machine; will not be too high for a long time, and it can work continuously for 10-15 hours. The KKmoon High-pressure Airless Spraying Machine is displayed by a hydraulic gauge and mechanically regulated. The pressure regulation is precise and fast. Forged from high carbon steel, with high wear resistance and high-temperature resistance. Independent pump body for greater flow.

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With all the angled panels of modern garage doors, spraying is quicker and easier than brushing or rolling. It’s really the best way to get a professional, smooth, even finish. Simply applying a new coat of finish to your deck can make all the difference; in the appearance of your entire home. And using a KKmoon High-pressure Airless Spraying makes it easier and faster. Staining or painting your fence will help preserve and protect it; from the sun and weather while improving your home’s overall curb appeal. Update the look of your house with a fresh coat of paint. KKmoon High-pressure Airless Spraying is easy to use and you’ll finish in a fraction; of the time it takes to paint with a traditional roller or brush.

KKmoon High-pressure Airless Spraying is suitable for all spraying operations in workshop and construction sites with a small dispersion range by using a spray machine or airless roller with internal feed. Such as door, doorframe, handrail, furniture, indoor ceiling, indoor wall and etc. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €211.64 and Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping.


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