E27 Color Changing Bluetooth 4.0 RGB LED Light Bulb on Sale


There are numerous use cases of the semiconductor technology, it is the same technology that gave us small and compact electronics and memory. Another famous and widely spread use case given by this semiconductor tech is the LED, the LEDs are right now in mass production and are replacing all other sources of light because well they deserve the attention. Today we have the E27 RGB Color Changing LED Bulb with bluetooth. The bulb is a direct competitor to Samsung Smart Bulb and comes and is on Sale right now on the zapals.com

The LED Light Bulb has a modernistic design and has tapered edges with a sphere arc in front, The Smart bulb is easy to install all you to do is pluck it in like a regular light bulb in an E27 slot. The bulb has a metal Aluminum alloy base with a  matt silver finish right upto the glass arc that is made up of acrylic material. The LED bulb pretty much stands out from regular LED bulbs and will definitely increase the overall appeal of your bedroom, Study room or wherever you install it.

The LED bulb has a 10 x 5050 RGB LED which operates on 110V – 240V has a power rating of 5W. Even though it has a power rating of 5W it illuminates like 60W Tungsten Filament light Bulb so overall you get energy savings but without compromising the intensity or illumination. Further the bulb comes with Bluetooth 4.0 that will connect with your smartphone right away. The bulb outputs 450 lumens of light which is pretty bright and enough for lighting a bedroom. The  control distance to remotely control the LED is a whopping 50m so you can control it from all your house.

The E27 Colorfu; RGB LED Light Bulb provides many other features too like it supports both Android and iOS with an App called the “LivingColors”, further as it is an RGB LED you get a whopping 16M color range for you. You can set alarm for sunrise and sunset to automatically switch off or on the light as per your preset time. Then you also shake your phone to change the color of the light bulb or better yet sync it with your smartphone and let the LED bulb dance to the beats of your favourite songs.

The E27 Colorful RGB LED Smartbulb is cool gadget that is manifestation of the change in surrounding due to tech, a classic example of IOT is overtaking the reign. It is available here on zapals.com for a price of just $14.99 only. Get this piece of marvelous color before its gone.


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